3 August Make Up Finds

teal eye liner

I see loads of beauty product reviews and beauty stories but not enough that cover my colour.  Seeing the odd one here or there on one model feels a bit token-like and is frustrating to be honest. 
I thought sod this, I should just start sharing my own so here’s the first.  
It’s a flash of colour and is less fuss than a full shadow.  I looked across all the brands at the beauty section of Duane Reed to see what caught my eye.  I picked this one purely because of the metallic teal blue green colour. 
It’s a shadow but I wear it as a liner for a colour flash.  It goes on easy and the colour is pigmented so stands out.  I wear it with mascara, a teeny blush swipe and no lipstick. This is low maintenance. The pencil is chubby which I prefer since you get a swipe of colour once without having to build up the line. Gets compliments when worn which feels nice for something so inexpensive.  Of course that means I want another colour.

Get it here.

orange lipstick

This is not a new find like the above Rimmel liner but it’s a wearable orange lipstick I keep using. I have a bunch of orange lipsticks – it’s a weakness. It’s not ‘electric’ or ‘bounce off your face’ bright. It’s a comfortable orange which makes it ideal for year round. I’ve had it for about two years. Get it here.

how to do smokey eyes

I found this mascara in a gift bag from an event – a good opportunity to try a high ender for free.
My lashes are thin, sparse and straight. Wow! This makes them long without having to work. One or two slow swipes. Done.  The brush tapers so gets the teeny lashes.  Because it makes every lash top and bottom noticeable I like the wide eyed look it gives.  Also no clumping. 
I finished the free one and instead of getting my usual cheap Maybelline, I bought another one.  This coming from a drugstore mascara fan… Get it here


Hope this helps if you fancy trying something new. 



    • Karen says:

      OMG its great. I usually get Maybelline but loved this enough to actually buy one which for me says a lot.

  1. DT says:

    Hi Karen,
    I love an orange lip this time of year! I’m a dark skinned (NC47 Mac for reference) black woman and find that So Chaud looks very bright on my skin. Mac do another shade called Chili that is infinitely more wearable, but still an orange. I haven’t been able to put it down.

    • Karen says:

      Hi I know CHilli I have it! I ALMOST mentioned it but wanted to force myself to think what do I really reach for the most over a really long period of time and its So Chaud for me. But I agree in that Chilli is the ‘next level down’ for something even MORE wearable and a bit darker.

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