The Sex Pistols

studded leather jacket

I f*@king love this jacket.  A completely unplanned purchase found when popping into a fave vintage shop.

celine platform sandals

Jacket: Vintage shop in the East Village. Similars from Asos mens or this sick one for women.  Sandals: Celine (summer creepers). Similars on House of Fraser and Nordstrom.  Shades: Ray-Ban


Have you noticed on days that you take an unplanned trip into a shop ‘just to see’ that you always find something? And that when you are actually looking for something that you don’t find anything?  This  corresponds with when you have money (you see nothing) and when you don’t have money (you see everything) but that’s a whole other story.
ps. I didn’t realize that it said Sex Pistols on the back until I got home.  It could’ve said ‘you stupid cow’ on the back for all I knew… I’d still have taken it.   Photos taken a few days ago.

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