Checks + Tiger Print

Adidas gazelle classic

I still love this clutch after all these years. I’ve had it for about four years ish? Can you believe that it came with a shoulder strap which I never used?

leopard print clutch
white boyfriend blazer
white jacket
adidas gazelle sneaker
adidas black gazelle
animal print clutch

Checked shirt: Mens thrifted. Blazer: Urban Outfitters (Silence & Noise). High waisted jeans: American Apparel (found at Battersea flea in London!). Try Asos Ridleys or Blank Denim. Clutch: Random NY shop. Shoes: Adidas. Also available at JCrew and the Adidas site (I like the green ones).  Shades: Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers

The clutch is gigantic so with my things inside it never looks that full which I love.  It kind of balances out whatever you are wearing and being pony hair  it’s even better. Clearly I still love it. Reminds me size wise of the Clare V clutch I noticed.  I clashed it with a mens checked shirt and an old off white blazer.

Different outfit pics with the clutch in winter here and in summer here.



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