1 Easy Transitional Outfit

black lace dress
black high top sneakers

“My jeans are H&M. The dress, I can’t remember! My shoes are Marc by Marc Jacobs.”
How good is this?  I stopped Alena because nothing beats black on black when done differently and yea I clocked that jacket.
Where To Find Alena’s look:


    • Karen says:

      Thanks! I’m surprised more photographers weren’t shooting HER

  1. Sinead says:

    Gorgeous jacket! In fact, the whole look is interesting. Is she a photographer? Normally, I can’t imagine working in some of the outfits I see other women photographers photographed in, but this might do. Can she run/walk fast in that dress? Other questions: just one lens? Where does she keep the rest of her gear? You can see why I’m not a fashion photographer! I always tell my clients that I’ll be the chick with the ugly, flat shoes and cameras that cost enough to equal several mortgage payments, lol! (Good jewelry and eye makeup, though. Always.)

    • Karen says:

      Yes she is a photographer. The dress had stretch so yes she could walk around ok its not as narrow as it looks here. It hangs that way but she could move quickly. Ha ha yea most of us only carry one lens. Its too much weight to carry multiples when on your feet for hours and dashing around across the streets. Well thankfully flats and sneakers are so in that it’s easy to be comfortable and not feel like your losing out fashion wise! Your right about the camera pricing!

    • Sinead says:

      OK, now I’m intrigued. I have an enormously heavy bag of gear that I’d love to ditch from time to time. One lens? Which one? I would say maybe a very fast 85 or 105mm, (yes, I’m a Nikon girl) but that’s just a guess. I would have to find a way to carry at least one zoom, though, because that way, you could be across the street and get a really natural, unposed candid.Did I just say “unposed” and “candid?” Clearly, I don’t have the head for street style! I really admire your photos, Karen. They just get better and better.

      PS: I think I really need that jacket. Any idea who makes it?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sinead you crack me up : ))

      You get forced to pick one because its too hard to carry more. Photographers experiment with different ones on shoots using a diff one maybe each day till they find that sweet spot with one that gives them enough. One lens never does it all. You just find one that does what you want and gives you the most options. I like 85fixed but I have shot with a zoom 70 to 200 lens before and I kinda loved it. Only issue is if someones right in front of you, you can’t shoot them, you need to run away from them to get them and they’ve run by then. Its really good though for those coming at you from a distance.

    • Karen says:

      Yea its a show stopper

    • Karen says:

      I agree. With so many diff textures it only really works in a solid colour. ESP black!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    okay..i’ll ask WHO DID THAT AWESOME JACKET?… need it in my life…

    Lindsey via Vegas

    • Karen says:

      You know what I have it recorded from her on my phone but she said it so damn fast that no matter how many times I replay I don’t know what she’s saying. I even asked Michael and he couldn’t tell.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Story of my life…grr… oh well….just have to kep an eye out.. Thanks as always my Fashion Vixen..

    Lindsey via Vegas

  4. Francheska Irizarry says:

    In love with the entire outfit. The thing is that you need to be skinny to rock that kind of looks.

  5. Tunisia Harris says:

    Now this is beautiful. I would’ve never thought to do this but wow this is AMAZING. Everything is just perfect. That jacket… Where do I even start? I like the crimping in her hair too.

  6. ange tombé says:

    Ohhhhh, so this is how you do a sheer lace dress… should’ve bought the one I saw in Free People last week!

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