Poncho Blanket


The poncho is a find from a vintage shop in Philladelphia – of all places – about a year ago.

wool fringe poncho
long wool poncho
aztec print poncho
vintage wool poncho
Balenciaga cut out boots

Poncho: Boutique in Philadelphia. Try Revolve, Topshop or Asos.  Jeans: Zara. Boots: Balenciaga. Clutch: Valentino. Try Rebecca Minkoff.  Shades: NastyGal

Even though ponchos have been around forever, I rarely see women in them.  I say GO FOR IT and get yourself one because 1.  Poncho’s don’t date.  2.  You have a coat.  3. It does this whole Batman cape flowing thing when you walk – yes I really said that. 
The pattern on this one reminds me of our blanket from Mexico which I have sitting in the chest at the end of the bed.  I pull it out to cover my legs while watching TV.  The fact that this one is ultra long sold it for me and no – there are no personalized initials on this one like the Burberry one that’s having a serious street style moment!  I mean what if you want to sell it later? Yes I really said that too. 

I found a few good ones shown below at diff price points and don’t forget to still check out vintage as well either locally or via eBay or Etsy!

• • •

Right now I’m still on that cruise I told you about last week. 

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    • Karen says:

      thanks I like the length of it too. nice to hide behind ; )

    • Karen says:

      me too. never dates

  1. Diana says:

    werk that poncho lady! 😉

    • Karen says:

      hello lovely : )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Karen, I still can’t get over your hair cut! Absolutely amazing! The first shot does it so much justice.

    • Karen says:

      ah thank you!!!!

    • Karen says:

      I noticed! funny when something so classic suddenly is ‘in’

    • Karen says:

      yes definitely get one. I say all you need is one good one and it’ll last forever.

  3. Insane Pink says:

    I am totally after a poncho now, even it was never my thing. Every time i start kind of playing with idea of trying something different, it occurs a new trend and suddenly its everywhere! It must be a subconscious thing. I should be more sure of my choices and become a trend setter. 😉 The batman effect speaks to me.


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