Shades of Grey

Chanel blue roi flap bag

Grey is a default colour when I want to wear something dark that’s not black. 

Chanel blue roi
studded leather jacket

converse shoes

grey wool skirt

midi skirt

Mens vneck jumper: H&M. Skirt: Zara. Try Asos, Theory or Topshop.  Bag worn as clutch: Chanel.  Similar from Calvin Klein.  Shoes: Converse. Shades: Ray-Ban (fkg love them). Jacket: Vintage
The midi skirt is a recent-ish addition – as if I didn’t have enough grey stuff in my wardrobe.  There’s always that one color women have a lot of.  For me, it’s grey.

ps.  I’m trying to see if I can wear the Converses into the ground so they get well trashed. Those and leather jackets look their best when they look their worst.   


  1. Tonia Rose says:

    I love how you paired that chic, statement jacket with quite classic styles- it balances the ensemble out, suggesting nothing is overpowered. The pop of color on the clutch is super cute too <3 :).

    • Karen says:

      Thx Tonia! I am obsessed with this jacket!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks lovely. My favorite color

    • Karen says:

      Thx Eea. I can’t get over this bloody Chanel color. I need to do youtube videos on them.

  2. Nika Chic says:

    Yes, this is exactly my next color of my next designer bag. The question is: what it’s gonna be? 😀 I am not sure yet! Have a nice day Karen!

  3. Insane Pink says:

    Studs are always welcome! The more the better, doesn’t matter if it’s a trend or not. I can’t ignore anything that has studs and this is some heavy duty stuff. cool x

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