wide leg pants

I got the pants approx one year ago and this is literally the first time I am wearing them. 

gold clutch
cat eye sunglassespleated trouserswhite sunglasseswide leg trousers

Knit: Second hand I think.  Cool version from Topshop. Wide leg trousers: Topshop.  Try Forever21 or Mango (love these) or just get this drapey skirt for same effect. Shoes: Vintage. Shades: Kurt Geiger. Try Pixie Market, Miu Miu or Asos. Clutch: Zara (old – you did catch the bald patch in pic #1?)
I have no idea why but I would look at them and put them back in the wardrobe to ‘marinate.’ Actually cut the crap. I thought they made my hips look big. THAT’s why I never wore them.  
However the knit is long enough and slouchy enough to sort of morph the trousers (and hips) into a pseudo narrow maxi skirt effect.  Hey it’s all smoke and mirrors in my head. Whatever it takes to make you like love something again…
The sequins on my clutch are hanging on for dear life but I can’t get rid.  The worn off sequins makes me like it even more.  I will say though if there was a gorgeous jewel toned version in dark green, navy or burgundy I would be all over it – wouldn’t you?  Just putting it out there.


  1. Drea says:

    Awesome outfit – those pants are killer! Love it matched with the slouchy jumper and sequin purse too!

    Drea xo

  2. Insane Pink says:

    This is cool but totally not for the weather on this side of the globe, it would be all soaking wet from the rain and getting dirtly in puddles 🙁

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