The Full Monty on Melodie Monrose

Melodie Monrose

Jacket: & Other Stories

“I love this jacket. The sleeves can come off.”

Definition: The Full Monty: 

British slang phrase.  It is generally used to mean “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’”

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The first time that I met Melodie was in 2012 backstage for the Rodarte and the Theyskens  Theory show.  She said to me: “I know you.  You have a blog.”  From then onwards we started chatting and stayed in touch.

Valentino Rockstud heels
Chloe Susan boots

Left to right: Valentino. Chloe. Celine. Saint Laurent

“I am a shoe girl. I think I have almost every brand possible.
These Valentinos are a little bit f**cked up now. They were my dream shoe for a long time.  I’m so happy that I have them. You know how men need a car to say I made it? To me my Valentinos were that.”

Melodie Monrose

Jacket: Consignment 

“It had buttons but I removed them.  I loved the different ways that you can wear it with the buckles.” 


Jacket: Custom

“I have this hand made jacket.  It’s really cool. I had it on my show card when I first started. “


Two piece: ACNE
“I got this from the store in Sweden. I actually work a lot there. I got lucky because it was almost half price.”

Celine Phantom

Bag: Celine
“This is my baby. I got it in Miami at a multi-brand store called The Alchemist.” 

Miu Miu platform heels

Shoes: Miu Miu
“These are one of my first expensive shoes. They hurt my feet like crazy.  I’m 6ft something when I put them on. They give you a really sexy leg so it gives you a good walk at castings. They’re kinda classic but cool with the studs.”

black cat

“My cat’s name is Brooklyn.”

Saint Laurent heels

Shoes: Saint Laurent
“These are really amazing.  I saw them during fashion week and said I need those.   I don’t wear them so much because they are not comfortable. I feel I need a nude shoe next.”


Bags: Saint Laurent

Zayne Bayne harness

Leather harness: Zayne Bayne
“This I just got.  It’s so cool with just a white t-shirt.  You can adjust the straps.”

Zayne Bayne

“I like the look of it worn open but it looks really cool buckled. 
The leather is really soft too. It looks stiff but it’s not. It’s handmade for you for $100. To me it looks more expensive than it is.”

Suede mini skirt

Skirt: Vintage

“I got this at a vintage shop in Paris.  For some reason I find it easier to find stuff over there.”


“These are so simple and I had to write something on the back!”

Where are your fave places to shop?

“I go crazy in the Saint Laurent shop.  If I go to Soho I go to Celine, Intermix and I like Blk Denim.

I like Reformation too.  I love shopping in Paris, especially shopping for lingerie. They have really good stuff there.  I also love to shop in la Marais.  It’s nice, you can stop, have a croissant/coffee etc.

I LOVE shopping in Stockholm. They have so many cool brands like Hunky Dory and Bik Bok that do really cool leather pants.  People are so nice when you shop there. ACNE is amazing there, they have old collections in their archive from past seasons for you to buy.

They have stuff at their H&M that you can’t always find at other H&Ms.  In Paris there’s always the brands like Sandro, IRO and Maje.  In New York I’m in Soho. In Paris I’m in the Marais.

Online my go to’s are NastyGal, Revolve (I love them) and Asos. I like The Outnet but you have to be fast.”

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  1. Francheska Irizarry says:

    Her style is so contemporary. Love this new series of yours.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Francheska! Did you check out the past ones?

    • Karen says:

      oh that’s interesting. I will say that there’s always someone we’ll relate to more so every time I feature someone that will probably happen.

  2. Tunisia Harris says:

    Can we please get some social media links for Melodie!? Her style is so similar to mine. She won me over with the Valentino story because I feel 100% the same way (only I have to yet own a pair… sigh). This is by far my favorite Full Monty. Keep up the amazing work Karen.

    • Karen says:

      her instagram is her name! Yes there is always that THING a woman has that in her mind if she gets it she’s made it.

  3. Show Must Go On says:

    I love this. Her style fits my aesthetic. Love it and she is pretty!

    • Karen says:

      Ah cool. Yes I love her style. It’s very her; it’s casual but very chic.

  4. Maggie A says:

    Dope girl! the harness and her hand made jacket are my faves.

    Maggie A

  5. Vikki Lefebvre says:

    What a good blog you have here. Please update it more often. This topics is my interest. Thank you.

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