The Mens Suit

adidas stan smith

The best part about finding a suit for women is not limiting yourself to any style, cut or sex.

skinny womens suit

slim cut mens suit

skinny cut mens suit
adidas stan smith

Mens suit: Kenneth Cole.  Try Reiss, Topshop or Joseph jacket and matching trousers set.  Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith.  Try Topshop or basic Chuck Taylors. Shades: Ray-Ban. Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger
 I got this one at Kenneth Cole in their mens section – love finding stuff amongst men. 
I asked for anything that had a slim cut and walked out with this black one.  It doesn’t matter to me if the fit was slightly off ie. bigger than planned since a slouchier fit is so damn cool.  Actually that’s the next one that I’d look for.  Just size up two or three numbers.

Either way it feels good just to try them on and notice the little differences in how they’re made for  men versus women e.g inside jacket pockets.  Brilliant but God knows why they don’t do that for women??

Where to get this or similar


    • Karen says:

      Thx Joy this is actually one of my fave looks too which says a lot considering this blog’s content!

    • Karen says:

      ah thank you. I will say wearing a suit has a very different feel when worn with either short or long hair.

  1. FASHION SNAG says:

    I hate how they don’t put inside jacket pockets in…my boyfriend is always wondering why he has then and I don’t! The suit looks great on you.

    • Karen says:

      yes what is UP with that?? I mean really women would love it just for their phone alone lol….!

  2. Stéphanie says:

    gorgeous look Karen !


  3. Sinead says:

    Brilliant! I just love this look. Really perfect.

    • Karen says:

      Ahhhh Sinead! thanks lovely : )

  4. ange tombé says:

    Love this! I like how you broke it up with a comfy/slick tee and Adidas kicks. Now I want a suit, haha! And I usually steer clear…

    • Karen says:

      OMG promise me you’ll at least look at them. Trust me it’ll be the one thing that will stand out in your wardrobe. For years.

  5. Insane Pink says:

    Mens suit + tennis shoes = yes, please! Suit jacket is such a great thing, no matter how bad you feel, it will make you feel elegant and put together. Even with sports shoes. 🙂

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