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Chanel red caviar bag

Oh boy I’ve been shopping (although one’s a gift so that doesn’t really count).

There is another major thing but that delivers next week (according to FeDex tracking).

Van high tops

Skater high tops: Vans
The Vans are an early Christmas gift from one of my best friends Daria.  You’ve seen a full monty feature on her here.  I have wanted these skater Van high tops forever and have worn them daily since the box delivered.  She knows me so damn well.  You can find them here

Sam Edelman Zavier shoes

Pointy lace up heels: Sam Edelman 
These heels are just ridiculous. I originally wanted the Aquazurra’s but the cut on the above ones are just as beautiful. The deep v-front looks sleek and the lacing is equally delicate.  I also loved the flat Aquazurra’s seen here.  The versions that I found of them are in this older post.   In some things I’ll buy the designer version, but in others like these shoes, I thought that they were made well enough.   

Chanel red wallet on a chain

Bag: Chanel 
I have been doing a re-sort on Chanel bags by selling what didn’t work for me and then found this one at Fashionphile and I LOVE IT!!   I’ve always wanted a little red one to wear on the shoulder or cross body and this ticks off all the boxes.  The site sell new and pre-loved Chanels including sold out ones from past seasons (no they didn’t gift or pay me for this post. I’m just passing on a trusted re-sale site to you!).

You can read my how-to/tips post on buying Chanels if you are semi considering…


  1. Monica L says:

    The skater high tops are so cool! Also love your new heels and of course vintage Chanel bag!:)

  2. Tara says:

    So Karen–you may recall that I e-mailed TWO of your BFF X-Mas present suggestions to my husband. Lo & behold–I got the gray snakeskin Vans and the lovely silver Giles cuff under the tree so THANK YOU! I love them so had to write in and let you know, especially after spotting the Vans in Daria’s closet and noticing that she mentioned the cuff that you had also given the thumbs up to! You both have upped my coolness for 2015. Thank you and happy new year to you–look forward to seeing more great stuff from you in the year ahead!


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