When it’s the wrong size but you order anyway…

Leopard print coat

animal print coat
Chanel red WOC
Topshop leopard print coat

Leopard coat: Topshop.  Try Chicnova, River Island (on sale).  Dotty shirt: Second hand/thrift.  Biker skinnies + boots: Zara.  I think my boots are a version of the Jill Sanders.  Try boots from Vince or Stella McCartney (both badass and on sale) or Sam Edelman.  Bag: Chanel. Try Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair or their ‘Love‘ bags. 
…. and you cross your fingers until it delivers.

This was the last leopard coat on Topshop’s website and it was in their largest size – a US 12.  I called the Topshop store first on Broadway and spoke to an assistant who said that she knew the coat after I explained it to her: “Oh yea we sold out of that a while back.  Oh the size?  Well if you are normally a US 6 then the US 12 will be WAAYYYYY too big. I’d get the 8 at the MOST.  The 12 will fall off of you.”  

So I hung up and promptly ordered the US 12 anyway and crossed my fingers and guess what? It fit.   Because of this I don’t always take an assistant’s word for it (which makes me question why I made the call).  Am I alone on this in taking the opposite opinion? 


  1. Sara says:

    I do that all the time (xxxs-m). I figure a lot of times your actual size doesn’t fit either, so why not take your chances? Fits fantastic btw!

    • Karen says:

      I agree I TAKE A CHANCE. It really is a gamble !!!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Andres – it looks a bit vintage in real life

  2. Yvonne H says:

    I can’t tell it’s too big for you at all! How big does that assistant think a size 12 is?? It looks gorgeous on you (& seems ok in the shoulders). So glad you got it 🙂

    Dear Sunny

    • Karen says:

      I don’t know why she said a US 12 would be WAY too big because this fits me!!! I don’t get it. I have wide shoulders though but still! thanks : )

  3. PinkCheetahVintage says:

    Great coat!! I always ask questions about size, but make my own call in the end.

    • Karen says:

      ha ha twins.

    • Karen says:

      I know. I’m not sure why she said that

    • Karen says:

      ha ha. I’ve done it a few times now. It’s become habitual.

  4. Youghter says:

    That coat is amazing!!

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