Long Live The Kilt

plaid kilt skirt

military style coat

kilt skirt
dr marten boots
doc martens

mens military coat

Kilt: Vintage.  Nod to Comme de Garcons actually no, a nod to the British punk. Try Ralph Lauren, Winter leggings: American Apparel (I live in them).  Coat: Mens Zara (approx 3 years old). Try Asos, Ralph Lauren.  Seen before in this older post with leather! Reminds me of Saint Laurent.  Knit jumper: Mens H&M.  
I’m wearing a wool kilt over leggings, a men’s army green coat and Dr Martens.   Kilts feel punk-like without the feminine faffiness of normal skirts.  Whoever invented them was a genius, and to think I wore them at school (I still wish I kept that uniform).  If you find one that fits you, take it. They never  go out. 
You’ve seen my kilts before in older posts here over jeans (a favorite) and here with a camel coat.  


  1. Jane says:

    Fabulous boyish outfit . Love the kilt !!

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