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vintage suede coat

How cool is this suede coat?

“Look!” the manager at my fave thrift shop said holding up the above. “Didn’t you see this?”   It was hanging outside on the pavement rail that you normally don’t check because it’s usually stuff not good enough to be inside.

tan suede coat

When he swung the coat around to show me the back I blurted out: “I’ll take it!” before I even tried it on.  Clearly he knows my taste after years of going in there.

It has a couple of marks on the front but that don’t bother me.  He knows it doesn’t either.  Imagine it with flares…

*Clouds part – angels sing*  

rose gold loafers

I loved these chic pointy loafers so much that I got them in rose gold (brilliant on warm complexions)….

silver pointy loafers

…in silver (good with all black or all white)

pointy black loafers

…. and basic black (good with anything)
They’ll be perfect now with socks and then later without.  They’re the I-missed-out-on-the-Phillip-Lim fix.

Gets compliments when worn and the “you got them where??!” reactions.  

They must have been re-stocked because the metallics were not available in all sizes and now they are (at least at the time of writing this post).  I noticed shops are hit or miss on having sizes.

I found them here


    • Karen says:

      me too God knows how I almost missed it

    • Karen says:

      Its an outfit that’ll be done!

  1. Mindy says:

    That coat is amazing! It’s so you!! I need those rose gold pointy loafers in my life! Thx so much for sharing! <3
    Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

    • Karen says:

      Yes do try them they are worth it

    • Karen says:

      ah thanks I do love it

  2. Elle says:

    Love everything. How did the shoes fit and feel? I’ve never tried F21 shoes, but the rose gold are calling my name.


  3. 2 Mates and a Blog says:

    Okay, so that coat is toooo gorgeous! The High Street chain New Look also have those rose metallic flats. Was in 2 minds about getting them but you have twisted my arm lol x

    • Karen says:

      ha ha! let me know how it works out with the flats.

  4. Ioana says:

    Haha !
    The label Frigidaire in romanian means Fridge/Cooler !

    PS: a couple of weeks ago I bought a suede jacket for mom for 1$ from a thrift shop where once a month they have 1$/kilo. It’s amazing. Would keep for myself but it was a size 14 and i’m 8.
    Yet, thrilled !!!

    Kisses Karen !

    • Karen says:

      oh wow!!

    • Karen says:

      I know it’s really sweet. Over the years he’s got to know my taste. Super guy!

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