Old School!

coach rivet sandals
vintage coach bagsUntitled
pixie hair cutUntitled
faux fur coats
short hair styles
Block heel sandals
Teddy coats

Dress: H&M (old).  I like this Topshop denim number.  Shoes: Coach – comes in blue too but loved the pearl colour.  The shoes remind me of Prada’s. Shades: Ray-Ban.  Watch: Gucci. Coat: Vintage. Try River Island or Ashley B.  I lust for this Carven. Bag: Coach (old).  See my red one (here) and black one (here)!!  No, this post is not sponsored by Coach but obviously I dig their retro style stuff.
This is our fave hole in the wall pizza place.  I didn’t know good pizza till I moved from London to New York.  Before I thought Pizza Hut was the dogs bollocks until I crossed the pond.  
We stumbled on this old spot (it’s over thirty years old) as of two months ago and we are hooked.  Well – outside of another hole in the wall place in Harlem that is so damn good we’ll drive there for a pie.  I digress…
How cool are these block heeled sling backs?  They look like the square toed shoes that I ALWAYS looked for in vintage shops but never found in a size 10 (makes sense being vintage).  These are so retro mod and look nothing like Coach.  It was love at first site.  Wore them with a wool dress that I forgot I had.  At the end of winter I forget I have wool dresses – really Karen?
ps. Pepperoni is one of my fave pizzas.  Unless it’s from that Harlem place I mentioned where it’s so good that their plain slice blows any topping pizza out the door.   Clearly pizza is my food nirvana. 
 Besides desserts.

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