Denim Bells

JBrand Doll jeans
Suede coat

Seventies fashion
Flared jeans
Mini cross body bag

Suede coat: Second hand/thrifted.  Try Mango’s version. Jeans: JBrand “Doll” (love). Knit jumper: Zara. Necklace: ABC Carpet & Home. Bag: Second hand/thrifted. Love the rounded bottom (like Chloe a little). Shades: Ray-Ban. Boots: Sigerson Morrison (not that you can see them).   These Stevens have the same effect. 
Been itching for a day to wear this suede coat.  It’s got marks all over it which means no worries when I spill crap on it which will probably happen but good God the back of it!! Love!
I wore it with the three years old-ish denim floor sweepers.  If you’re just getting into flares I reckon the dark rinses like Blank Denim or these by Espirit are your best bet before venturing into light colored territory. Speaking of which, if anyone tries on Madewell’s flea market flares tell me what you think will you?  I can’t be asked to go try them on but I’m curious. 

ps. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!


  1. Gareth from says:

    I lurve that handbag. Such an incredible colour x

  2. Desperate says:

    Love love flea market flares in Thom wash. Never bought Madewell jeans, always high end, but these jeans are not to be beat in a flare. I just got another box of MIH flares from NAP, put back in box, nothing compares to the flea market flares, and the wash is amazing and makes butt look fabulous.

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