suede fringe jacket
Gucci Lady Web bag
Gucci suede lady web bag
Gucci Lady web purse

All Saints fringe boots

Gucci suede bag

Jacket: Vintage. Faux leather skinnies: TJMaxx. Bag: Gucci.  Also at Neiman Marcus. Try Modcloth and Kooba for a similar feel. Belt: Vintage. Boots: All Saints. Wishbone necklace: Jennifer Zeuner.  Shades: Ray-Ban

Long time readers know that these boots are as old as my blog is.  I wish All Saints would come out with them again in this original version. The soles have been changed at least three times now.  They are still my favorite boots ever and that’s saying a lot after sharing my bedroom with you 😐 
My jaw dislocated and hit the ground when I saw this bag back in February.   Someone walked past me with it and I honestly thought that it was vintage.   A couple of weeks ago I sold an unused Chanel and took the plunge. 
ps.  More photos wearing it are on my Instagram (plus recent vintage  encounters).  

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