13 Cool Platform Sandals




 Above is a screenshot of an iPhone conversation I had yesterday with a friend about a pair of Tom Ford platform sandals.  She showed me the Fords and in blue was my reaction.

I’m horizontally challenged from ankles down.  Meaning I have size 10 feet so I reeeeeallly have to watch not looking like I’ve got two bricks on my feet.    None the less I keep looking because yeah they’re not the most practical things on earth but God damn they look good peeking out under floor sweeping denim flares or floaty mid-length dresses.  Ok one practical point: platforms make heels more comfortable. That’s my argument anyway.

Current Caving Options:

1.  Steve Madden ‘Cora’ heels (love)

2. Nine West ‘Carnation’ sandals

3. Miu Miu suede wedges

4.  Michael Kors suede and rafia sandals

5.  Topshop ‘Litlith’ heels.  A dead ringer for #13

6.  Steve Madden ‘Binding’ clogs

7.  L’Autre suede sandals

8. L’Autre rivet suede sandals

 9. Marlene Birger ‘Farlill’ sandals (love)

10.  Steve Madden ‘Jaylee’ wedges

11.  Michael Kors clogs (love)

12.  Zara sandals

13.  Victoria Beckham velvet and suede sandals


  1. Anne-Sterre says:

    O my. I love 1, 5, 8 and 9 also!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Yea I love those ones too. I really like no.1 too but I think its best on little feet. I so want to try it on anyway. no. 9 is so sick.

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