Gucci Soho Disco bag

Coat: Second hand/thrift.  Dress: Zara (last year).  Chinese shoes: Pearl River Mart. Try Amazon or Urban Outfitters in dark green! Bag: Gucci. (Black here or here for red).  This white one was worn to death and the strap was too short.  Camera (just seen): Nikon – what I shoot with (it’s permanently on my shoulder when out). 
Last year I wore these Chinese shoes and re-purchased them again this year.  There’s something about the simple shape and fabric that’s timeless.  They have zero foot support but I’m really flat footed anyway so the boat feet can take it.  I saw them on Amazon and  these from Urban in a gorge bottle green. 
If you’re in New York, Pearl River Mart on Broadway in soho has them where I get mine for less than a tenner!

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