That Valentino

Topshop jewel embellished dress

Valentino embellished dress

First photo: Topshop embellished dress.  Second photo: Valentino taken from this 2012 post.

Some things you put on and you never forget it and I am addicted to the memory of wearing that Valentino dress in 2012.  The above Topshop dress just came in and though it isn’t a patch on the Valentino I was honored enough to wear for one evening, I question whether buying it would be enough of a reminder of what once was. I could be less precious with it and get my cost per wear down till the beads start falling off (which kinda makes it even prettier in my head).

Yeah its $300 which is a lot for Topshop in my book, but it’s a lot less than photo #2.  I still can’t find a vintage version of it even after three years of looking.

So would you take Topshop’s for the memory reminder or pass all together?


    • Karen Blanchard says:

      I still say that when I look at photos

  1. Catsinthebag says:

    Well. That Valentino dress is Ah. May. Zing. And you look stunning in it.
    Re. the Topshop dress, Hmmm. I’m sure you’d look great in it. Would you get good use out of it? And, would the fact that it reminds you of the Valentino be a good thing, or would the Topshop version always pale in comparison, leaving you missing the V. dress more? More questions than answers, sorry!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      No don’t be sorry it helped. I think maybe I should pass because it will always be the version of and I’m not sure that’s the right way to remember Valentino!

  2. Brandi says:

    Girl pass, the Valentino has me gagging it’s so maj where the top shop has me like girl bye!

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