How To Get A Mansur Gavriel Bag

I can’t prance around on here wearing mine without sharing tips on how to find one.  These bags are ridiculously elusive (besides a Birkin) and for those who want one read on.

Mansur Gavriel bags currently come in the tote, the backpack and the bucket bag (the most popular).

Their site sale on May 14th had bags sell out in less than four minutes.  Do I think that they are worth it? For the price point and simple all leather design I say yes.


PS Dept App

Get on the PS Dept app (my fave app besides Shazam).  This app that finds hard to get fashion items for you with no obligation to buy once found. I downloaded it months ago after numerous recommendations and it works!!

A friend was looking for a sold out Acne jacket and the app found it for her in Sweden and it was shipped to her the following week.  I got my black MG bucket bag through this app as did approx three other friends.  Currently they are taking pre-orders but I’ve found that their wait time is less than most places since they pull bags from across the country and across different stores (and for some items from around the world – like that Acne jacket).  They take a small commission for finding you the item when you buy it through their app.  I think I paid around $25 for them to find the bag for me but for something that you really want that’s hassle free, that commission was worth it.  I know someone who got a hard to find Chanel bag from it.  Scroll their feed and randomly they’ll list MG bags (totes/buckets/backpacks) in stock ready to buy or for pre-order.

The Purse Forum

Go onto The Purse Forum’s Mansur Gavriel thread here and lurk in their ‘Please Help Me Find’ section. The girls give daily updates on bags spotted either in random shops or online.  Plus they swap tips and advice on where to find. Also they have a mod section to help you decide what size bag works for your build based on their selfie pics.

Retail Shops

The next batch of bags hits specific stores around August/September.  Outside of the MG annual four minutes sale,  there are about 25 shops that sell their bags.  Click here for the full list of their shops that carry.  When I was looking, I contacted a few. The most helpful to get listed on are Steven Alan, Jenny Kayne and Kirna Zabete.   Steven Alan was the most helpful and they have stores across the US each taking names.   Bergdorf Goodman is taking pre orders now online for Sept/Oct delivery.


You can still find deals on eBay even though most are over priced (I’ve seen some listed for 1k).  I got my nude one (called Cammello and shown above) via eBay. I picked out a seller with loads of good feedback and who had it listed for the least mark up and then I asked if they’d lower the BIN price.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Some will since their bags sit for weeks and at that point they want to just get rid.   If unsure of the authenticity of the bag, share the eBay link on the ‘Authenticate This‘ section of The Purse Forum MG section so the girls can help you out.


If you follow Mansur Gavriel’s Instagram, you will see a ton of comments back and forth of followers offering to sell bags to other followers. I have not done this personally.  I would suggest the other tips before considering this option since I can’t confirm the legitimacy of those followers.

Resale Sites

Lastly, re-sale sites like The Real Real and Tradesy (I bought an authentic Celine Box from here with no issues).  Again, don’t be afraid to make a reasonable lower offer than their listed prices.  Some sellers agree to adjust when asked.

If you can’t be bothered faffing around with the above you can find sleek drawstring bags by Kelsi Dagger, Vince Camuto, Bubo and Free People.

Hope this helps!

Photo: Karen Blanchard

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