My Fave Places To Eat in New York!

Sushi restaurants, sushi restaurants in Astoria

Watawa.  Astoria, Ditmars Boulevard.  Nearest subway (Ditmars Boulevard N/Q trains)

First off: Michael and me are sushi snobs.   We can count our New York faves on one hand (yes – we’ve tried Nobu).  The sushi here is always fresh and mouthwatering.  The lunch deals (see above because that’s ours) are ridiculous:  I got the special: three rolls – comes with miso soup and ginger dressing salad for $11.50 (the two roll combo is $10.50).  Tip: the green tea is free (it’s only served if you ask for it).  Michael’s order is also under the same lunch special price and comes with miso soup and salad too!

Click below for my other fave eats.

A Salt and Battery, pointy flats

A Salt and Battery.  Greenwich avenue.  Manhattan.  Closest subway: 8th Avenue (L Train)

Being a Brit it’s literally mandatory for me to find a chip shop and this is as good as I’ll get short of flying back to East London’s Roman Road market (where my fave chip shop of all time is located).   British owned and run, this is like walking into a British fish and chip shop with all the classics including cod, haddock, pie and chips.   They also offer my fave British soft drinks like Lilt (tropical fizzy drink) and Tango (fizzy orange drink). Make sure to add salt and malt vinegar to to your chips!  Crap now my mouth is watering.

tea and sympathy, keep calm and carry on tin

Next door to A Salt And Batttery is their miniaturized shop to buy anything food and drink wise that are Brit classics ie. Ribena drink, PG Tips (tea) and last but not least: Walkers crisps!!!!!!!!!!

Next door to that is Tea and Sympathy which I also frequent for a fix of British dishes like sausage rolls and beans, chicken pot pie (I highly recommend) and of course their desserts.  Get the treacle pudding with custard and thank me later. It will bring you too your knees.  note: Tea and Sympathy does not take reservations.

Sugar Freak restaurant, cajun food,

Sugar Freak.  30th Avenue, Astoria. Nearest subway: 30th Avenue (N/Q trains)

Mentioned before on WDUGT, this is where we go to get a fix of New Orleans (where Michael was born and raised by the way).  The owner Michelle is friendly and the food is mouthwatering.  Our fave dishes: Fried chicken, catfish with sides, french onion soup, chicken dumpling soup.  They recently expanded the space to offer more seating. No surprise since they sometimes get queues out the door!

Soul food restaurants, boater hat

Sometimes we eat at their bar – a good spot to make friends too which most bars in restaurants are in general have you noticed?

Dough restaurant

Dough.  448 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn 11205

God my mouth is watering again even thinking of this place.   We first heard about Dough restaurant while watching a TV program about them. We were so impressed that we went the next day and have been hooked ever since.  The doughnuts are made fresh on the premises which you can watch in their open kitchen. They slide trays of warm donughts into the counter and let me tell you: they are delicious.  Sweet, soft and loads of flavour.  Our fave is the lemon poppy and lemon meringue.

dough restaurant

We noticed that Dough has now expanded from their Brooklyn spot into Manhattan.   You can check out the one on 19th street between fifth and sixth avenues)

new york pizza, best new york pizza

Patsy’s Pizza.  2287 1st Avenue.  Harlem, 10035.  

I have eaten pizza’s all my life, especially now living in New York and Patsy’s a tiny hole in the wall shop in Harlem trumps THEM ALL.    You know how good a basic french stick is from Paris (from those who’ve had one)?  How you can just eat it with maybe a slap of butter (maybe) and that’s it and it’s the best bread that you’ve ever tasted? That’s how Patsy’s Pizza is.  This place is as basic as it gets (had Michael not suggested it I would never walk in there) but it is THE BEST PIZZA to ever stuff your face with. Michael and I usually swing by late at night for a slice (or two) if we happen to be in the city or we’ll take the mini across the Triborough bridge and get a large pie to eat at home.   I have never in my life had a better slice of pizza.  Forget all the tourist trap ‘famous’ pizza joints (we’ve eaten at a couple and Patsy’s blows them out the water).  This is the real deal (and has been there apparently forever).  It looks like the type of no frills pizza place you’d see in eighties New York films.  note.  A plain slice is approx $1.50 – try beating that.   It’s so good that I NEVER add toppings (this coming from a topping pizza fan).


Schillers.  131 Rivington Street, Manhattan.  Closet subway: 2nd Avenue (F train). 

I have been eating at this Lower East side spot for years (see this older post) and it’s their sticky toffee pudding that I really come for.  Served warm with melting caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream do I really need to explain?  Any friend that steals a bite immediately orders their own order because it’s that good plus I’m not sharing.

Being a foodie these are my all time fave places to eat hands down.  I feel like I’m missing one more. If I am I’ll add it later!

Got a fave in your city?


  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks Karen for making me so hungry and I’m nowhere near NY.

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      LOLOL!! I’m sure there’s somewhere good in your area?

  2. Mili says:

    Yum yum yum, thanks for all the recommendations! I’m already planning my trip to Dough and Watawa Sushi after reading this 🙂


  3. Diana says:

    GIRL. TEA AND SYMPATHY in December! U down? Lol. ps. I love A Salt and Battery. Granted the only thing I’ve ever eaten from there was their deep fried mars bar and that was in like 2008/2009 but it’s whatever. 😛

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      But of course! Ugh couldn’t bring myself to try that bar

      • Diana says:

        Ahh, it was actually pretty good! At least from what I can remember. LOL!

  4. Camille Marie says:

    Agree on Dough. MUST go to the NOLA spot and grab my English bf to go to A Salt and Battery. All great suggestions. Thank you!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Yes definitely go. LMK what you think!

  5. miss b says:

    I have heard of Dough and Tea and Sympathy ( love the name!) and they are already on my growing list. Thanks for the other addresses too. Great post!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Yes T&S is good. I say order their tea with the tiered silver platter of cakes, scones and sandwiches

  6. coffeeslag says:

    Whoa, a good sushi place in Astoria?! That’s only a couple stops from us, I gotta check it out (love your phone case by the way!

    Noooo, no A Salt and Battery! OMG I love fish and chips, like my top 10 fave foods ever but of all the fish and chips places I’ve tried, I liked theirs the least! The crispiness was there but there was absolutely no flavor! My fave ever is Chip Shop in Brooklyn but it’s just so far away. Maybe AS&B got better since I last had them (about 3 years ago). I’ll give it another shot.

    OMG that toffee pudding looks amazing….


    COFFEESLAG Summer Hit List

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      ah you’re in my neck of the woods it sounds ike. Yes maybe it’s changed now. I know the BK spot but it’s just so far. Although it’s closer than England! OMG that toffee pudding is so good. I need another….

  7. Miss J. says:

    Totally mouth watering! I must try these spots as I should spend the Summer in the City! 😉

    Thanks for sharing Karen!;)



  8. Ede says:

    I can’t wait to come to New York soon to all of this goodness. Thanks Karen for the recommendations

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