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Reformation dresses

“My dress is from Reformation.   I got it a few weeks ago but I think they make this one every year.”

I love everything at Reformation on Howard street.  If you’re after a cool dress this is a fave that’s a few doors down from Opening Ceremony.  It’s where you go to find something that’s simple but gets you compliments because it’s timeless.  I go in once in a while for a clothing fondle.  Similar style dresses from Carmella or Just Female.

You can see the back of her dress (which I loved) on my Instagram.


  1. Linda Biemler says:

    I love this style! I wish I could wear it, but chest are too large and needs support.

  2. E Ramirez says:

    Sexy Dress! My massive breasts could never put this off without a similar bra option.
    But, can we take a moment for the expression on that adorable dog of hers!!!! I mean soooooo cute, I can’t…..

  3. Michelle Moors says:

    Thanks for introducing Reformation to me 🙂 I’d never heard of them before!!

    Karen, I love your blog!! You’ve got so much respect in the industry & i’d love some guidance on how to make a difference regarding ethical fashion & fair working conditions. I watched this documentary http://truecostmovie.com/ & it’s had a massive impact on me. I need to take action! How can i get in touch with you? michmoors@yahoo.co.uk

  4. Show Must Go On says:

    Nips! 🙂 thats my first reaction. Cute dress though.

  5. Weight Loss Recipes says:


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