Old Denim


Chanel old medium boy bag

Thanks a million for the kind words in yesterday’s post…

Denim shorts

Chanel patent blue boy

Gladiator sandals


Chanel medium boy bag

Shirt:  Zara. Shorts:  Levi’s (DIY shredded). Try Urban Outfitters (loads are on sale). Sandals: Mango.  Bag: Chanel.  Similar from Calvin Klein and Rebecca Minkoff. Shades: Ray-Ban. Bandana: Vintage shop in Brooklyn

I know you say I help you but honestly, a lot of you help me! Those snippets of a conversation with you are absolutely priceless.  Ok so back to reality…

 I semi lived in these shorts all summer. I wake up, I shower, I eat, I put on these shorts.  It’s probably what most of you wore too unless you’re in London where I heard the summer was crap overall (again)?

Question:  Was your summer (where you are) as bad or are you having an Indian summer like New York is at the mo?


  1. Caroline Howden says:

    Yep we didn’t really have a Summer in the UK this year 🙁 rained all August. I was optimistic about September, but no – rain, grey skies…you know when you’ve taken all your Summer clothes out of storage and packed away your Winter clothes? Well maybe I should have just kept out the Winter clothes…Winter this year…into next year – will feel lonnnnnng. I was so fed up. I booked flights into Mexico last night (to BUY some sun! ;-)) so I’ll be backpacking across Mexico late October.

  2. Mercedes Marie says:

    Ooh that blue Chanel bag is so good! Really makes your look pop.


    Mercedes Marie


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