Old School Denim

denim pencil skirt

This is the best time to try vintage denim….!

vintage denim skirts

gladiator sandals


Denim skirt: Vintage. Topshop does good takes if you’d rather short cut the hunt. Those in London should check out Topshop’s vintage section in Oxford Circus. Shirt:  Thrift.  Sandals: Mango (on sale).  Bag: Thrift (Beacons Closet). Cool take from Topshop.  Hand cuff necklace: Jennifer Zeuner. Similar from Zulili. Crucifix necklace: Personal gift.  Shades: Ray-Ban Clubmasters

Yes I’m talking about vintage shops – again!  You can’t get out of bed without seeing retro denim rammed down our throats (I happen to be ok with it being a vintage lover), but for those that are not you can toe dip the vibe on the cheap.

Granted – some vintage cuts and rinses are straight up bad eighties but it’s still worth it to find a better made denim skirt or pair of Levi’s.  I say sod the copies and wear original.

Why WAS everything better made before anyway?? 




  1. Lolitta says:

    I was just having this conversation with a customer recently. (I run a local fashion truck here in Northern CA that I sell Vintage clothing out of) I know that was a shameless plug, but she was looking at the clothes and we were talking about how much better they were constructed. I think it was because there were
    more resources and less demand, so there was more time to put quality in to the process. (Mylove For Vintage) on Instagram.

  2. Blk says:

    I love the look, especially the jean skirt.
    [Just FYI, but your Tumblr share button doesn’t work]

  3. ChainsawKitten says:

    I’ve been on the search for the perfect denim skirt, kicking myself for the ones I wore in high school that are long gone….seems the local thrifts only have the which-corner-are-you-working-tonight lengths. But, the hunt is the fun part, no?

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