I Had To Ask Veronica

Maje fur coat

Veronica was walking into Aritzia in Soho when I stopped her…

maje fur coat

“My coat is from Maje.  The boots are Margiela.”

.   .   .

It makes a change to see someone pair a fur coat with raw edged trousers instead of the usual skinny jean.  It’s a thrown together vibe that doesn’t feel try too hard.  We all have one eye on spring, but this is one outfit to try before it’s here.

Side note:  I thought Veronica’s jacket was vintage.  To be honest I’m glad that it wasn’t.  I would have been so jealous.

T H E    L O O K :

Topshop Majesty ankle boots. Mango faux fur coat (love).  Isabel Marant cropped trousers.


  1. Caroline Howden says:

    Ahh Karen you’ve done it! Pay day is Monday. Monday. Now im on Mango UK website looking up that leopard coat…there it goes in the basket. In the basket. What a barg! P.S Hope everything’s ok back home xX

  2. Fzillion Manager 33 says:

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  3. Lina says:

    Disappointed to see you say yes to fur 🙁

  4. Show Must Go On says:

    this outfit is awful. sorry

  5. MissMeEE says:

    I LOVE fur.. but non vintage fur.. AWFUL sorry!.. ONLY VINTAGE FUR!..

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