Friday’s Face: Color Correcting Darker Skin

color correcting make up

One thing I have struggled with is getting rid of that Homer Simpson-like darkness on my chin area and around my mouth.  No matter how much foundation I used, the darkness showed through  (also known as hyper pigmentation).

I did some research into color correcting  and have been hooked on LA Girl Pro Concealer in Orange.

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Orange


Before foundation, I apply the corrector to my entire chin area. The orange color looks scary but it’s not supposed to match my skin color like a foundation.  It’s for cancelling out the darkness that my foundations don’t.


color correcting black skin

I also apply it on the dark areas around my mouth.  A little goes a long way since the corrector goes on opaque.

how to do color correcting

Using my finger I pat it out, being careful to cover the dark areas only.

Note: It’s at this point that my door bell usually rings and I’m the only one at home to answer the front door.

LA Girl pro concealer

You can use a beauty blender too but I like to use my fingers for applying and blending make up.  I keep patting in the corrector until it’s blended down. It will still show as orange. That is the point so it can blank out the darkness.

I let the corrector sit for a couple of minutes before applying foundation on top.

Foundation for black skin

After washing the corrector from my hands, I apply foundation as usual.  Again, a beauty blender works too.

how to color correct

The Homer Simpson chin darkness has gone.  The corrector cancels out the darkness and the chin matches the rest of the face.  It does not show through the foundation and evens out perfectly.

foundations for black skin

If you are a similar skin tone to me definitely give this a try because it’s been a bloody God send.

The corrector can also be used for cancelling under eye darkness but I use it for removing that annoying darkness around the mouth and chin area.

Let me know if you pick it up this weekend or just order it from Amazon.  I know that there are other color correctors out there but this one just works!

ps. No this post isn’t sponsored.

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