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louis vuitton ankle boots


I first met Frances from the blog Pink Horror Show about five years ago at a magazine photo shoot.  Even though we spoke briefly, it was long enough for me to want to meet her again. Little did I know that it would be some time later and for a closet feature.

Her style is consistently minimal but chic which I’m always drawn to in others.  When I was greeted at the apartment door by Frances and her dog Ezi on the 44th floor (the views are jaw dropping),  I knew it would be a brilliant reunion/wardrobe peek to share with you all those years later.

pink horror show

Dress:  Prada

“I got this at Woodbury Commons. It was a sale on a sale on a sale.  I cut the bottom to make it short.  It was originally a cute length but on me it was swimming. I got it about eight years ago.”


celine black nano


“I got the blue Chanel when I was in Paris.  I love it.  Right now though I’m loving perfect kelly greens and cobalt blues. I mean it’s not a colour for every day but I don’t like having all black bags. I need some sort of variety for special moments.  I remember at the store I was choosing between that and a different black and I chose that.  I remember that there was an American woman there who was deciding between two black bags in the same style.  The assistant said honestly I would not get a black bag I would get a colour.”


Gucci mules

Shoes: Gucci at Saks (also found here)

“I never really buy directly from the stores. I’m like a department store girl.  The shoes are pretty uncomfortable actually and don’t really stay on my feet.  It is a little trendy but I really couldn’t pass up the colour.”

pink horror show

“I was a photo major so I kinda like taking my own photos.  I like it simple.”

mini skirts

Skirt: Stella McCartney

“I remember seeing it on a mannequin and I was like (sharp intake of breath): what is this!!!? Of course super expensive and then months later on the Bergdorf website it was such a good price that I couldn’t pass it up.  It was like $1,295 and I got it for about $350.  I never forgot about it. I just kept checking up on it.  “

stella mccartney skirts

“These kinda remind me of the earrings that Celine has right now.”


closet feature


“My cat’s name is Cake.  I named him when he was a tiny little kitten and he turned out to be Garfield.”


chanel lambskin mini

“I really don’t carry a lot. I’m very light weight.  This Chanel was a gift from my Mum when I graduated from Parsons. It literally holds nothing:  a tampon and my credit card.   It was from the days of Blackberrys and doesn’t fit iPhones.”

black strappy heels

Top: Kenzo

“I also found this on sale on the Bergdorf site.  I’m an online shopper especially during sales times I get really overwhelmed by all the masses of racks but on the websites you can see all the garments. I know exactly what I like and for my body type, certain things don’t look good. I’ll ignore it if it’s on a hanger but if it’s on a website I’m like ‘oh I’ll try it.’

 The last time I wore this I was in Paris with my ex boyfriend.”

black leather shorts

“These shorts are also one of my favorite items.  They are real leather and I got them for ten dollars on eBay. I wear them aaaall the time.  They were on a random thrift account.”

mans best friend


Frances’s dog, Ezzie.

celine nano

“My Celine Nano is the perfect every day bag for me. It fits everything.  I had the strap shortened because I’m short. I like holding it in my hand actually.”

louis vuitton boots

Boots: Louis Vuitton

“I love these but they don’t really go with anything. Because I am short I have to be careful of anything with a high shaft. I just wear them with jeans or just with a skirt.  My friend works for LV so she kinda hooked me up” (whispered).  “They are like a really dark aqua marine.”

saint laurent leather jacket


Jacket: Saint Laurent

“Leather jackets to me are really important. I’ve had a crush on this jacket for so many years.”

saint laurent leather jacket

“The cut is so perfect, I just kept trying it on!   It was a gift from my Mum.”


chic home interiors


“I was looking at the post that you did on Aziza. OMG that girl is soooo cute.”


black leather skirts

Skirt find in Paris

“When I was in Marais in Paris I got this skirt.  I remember liking it before Paris and I really wanted it because I love super simple leather minis. It was a ridiculous price here and when got there it was basically half.”


alexander mcqueen shoes

celine oxfords

Oxfords: Celine

“I think these are my favorite shoe and I don’t even like oxfords. I got them on sale at Barneys.  I don’t like tying the laces. I prefer them tucked in. It’s such a minimalist shoe that just three lines on a plate is perfect.  I wear them with shorts and a girly top.  I don’t wear them with pants.”

stop it right now skate board

“The idea of celebrity always freaked me out and I never wanted to be like one of the big bloggers.”

Gucci Princetown loafers

Slip on loafers: Gucci

“Gucci made such a turn around from being really sexy.   I’ve just been living in these. They are just so comfortable and easy to wear. Do you like the ones with the fur? I’m surprised how popular they are.”

.  .  .

Bags or shoes?


Denim or leather?

Leather – hands down

Vintage or ready to wear?

Ready to wear I’m not a vintage girl although I can appreciate it

Summer or winter?


Boots or shoes?

Boots! I love boots

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    • Karen Blanchard says:

      I know!!! Should’ve got them when they came out GRRRR

  1. Lorena Lorena says:

    Oh wow I like how she has all kinds of stuff in her closet – and how they are from all over the place. Fell in love with Cake.

  2. Jacqueline Clem says:

    Great interview! I kept thinking what a pain it must be to take the dog out when you live on the 44th floor!

    • Carrie says:

      Thank god for elevators! I doubt she’s walking those stairs lol.

    • Carrie says:

      Thank god for elevators! I doubt she’s walking those stairs lol.

  3. tsp says:

    i love the interior of her flat, it is so bright and big. and her dog, omg i’m in love with her dog!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      I know it’s so instagram worthy and her dog is the perfect contrast

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      I know it’s so instagram worthy and her dog is the perfect contrast

  4. Stylista says:

    Certain aspects of her apartment remind me of yours Karen! Loved this feature!! FM is my favorite!!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Ah that’s such a nice thing to say because her place is so amazing.

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Agreed. Those Louis boots are one of my faves

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Ditto! I was stroking her mules which is a little disturbing

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