The Chicest Pieces To Wear Indoors

puff sleeve dresses

Everyone is at home myself included which to be honest is where I am 90% of the time anyway.

But with the situation that’s going on right now I reckon it’s MORE important to wear clothes that make you feel good, that boost your mood and just mentally bring you up instead of the reverse.

Below is a really carefully curated list of what I would wear (and in some cases already own and do like the above Sleeper dress.  It’s actually a night gown believe it or not, but I’d never wear it that way – the giant sleeves are too good to not be seen.

First off are long dresses, still my favorite category because you don’t have to think about it. No faffing with what top to wear with what bottom. Just slip it on and you’re done.  I picked stay at home dresses that look comfortable but still feel pretty.  NOTE: Some are on sale like Topshop having a 30% off everything right now.  Everything below is good enough to wear for a meeting online but flexible enough to wear all day without feeling like you have run and take it off.   These are about being comfortable and chic in one dress (or two).

The next lot below are all tops because like the above online meeting whether it’s for work or with friends, family or for Instagram, the point is you look like you made an effort even if the lower half is gym pants. Personally I say pair any of them with your current jeans for a thrown on vibe. I included one of my fave cardigans from &OtherStories that looks so pretty on and gets a lot of you asking for links on where I found it (the navy is on sale by the way) I even threw in a gorgeous baby doll dress from Topshop (it’s pure Cecille Bahnsen vibes like this full sleeve dress) that you’d easily layer over jeans and later wear as is with flat sandals or even – yes you guessed Doc Marten boots.


Don’t say I didn’t give you what you wanted!!  Tag me on Instagram stories wearing one of the pieces at home so I can see you and re-story it.  Ok chat later!

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