Why Dressing Up At Home Makes A Difference


The love for wearing ultra feminine dresses is a direct correlation to wanting to rebel against feeling like a human slump daily (the above dress has been in heavy rotation already linked here).   Don’t get me wrong, I do wear jeans or leggings and a t-shirt, but there’s a massive difference when I slide a dress over my head instead and I’m not talking physically either.

 It’s literally ground hog day anyway so why perpetuate that with the clothes I’m wearing?   Now granted I work from home, so I’m 90% indoors anyway, but the mental knowledge of being forced to be home much more than usual, means an uptick in wanting to go against the norm and do a diluted take of little girl princess thing or something along those lines.  It’s not saving the planet but in it’s own small way it’s making a difference in my head which in turn affects everything I do that day and that to me is good enough.

On my Instagram @karenbritchick you’ve seen quite a few, and below is a round up of budget friendly ones that I would wear too.

Question:  Have you noticed what you wear shifts your mood?

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