The Bomber

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Jeremy Scott flame track jacket

I am obsessed over this Jeremy Scott flame bomber I shot during fashion week.

I loved how she wore it with acid wash jeans.  I think I’d wear it with basic black but found good denim washes here.

There’s a ton of patterned bombers out right now and I kinda like that they’re not leather like hers isn’t.  It feels fresh in a lighter weight and is good for less cold days. Plus you can put a skinny polo under it anyway when it is.  I think this embellished bomber is my favorite alternative. #contemplating

Try this look:




  • Lindsay Ann

    she looks AMAZING!!

    fashionable footprints

  • Anonymous

    who makes this jacket? love it!

    • Karen

      Jeremy Scott. mentioned above!

  • Chelsea Sallee

    I can see why you are obsessed. That jacket is awesome!

  • Live TV

    Nice :)