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faux fur coat

I cannot even begin to explain how cold it is in New York.  You lot must have seen the news. 

Wanderlust unreal fur
wanderlust unreal faux fur

31 hour phillip lim

Grey coat: Unrealfur. Cream version on sale.  Mens zip front skinnies: Zara.  Shoes: eBay.  Bag: Phillip Lim. Shades: Ray-Ban
 It’s ridiculous and get’s COLDER this week!! Is it like this where you are?
I wore this before it’s as frigid as it gets this week where nothing short of a woolly face mask will seem normal.
Despite the deep freeze, this coat’s still getting a good rotation! You’ve seen it before in this older post.  There’s clearer pics of the mens skinnies here.  Still can’t get over that they’re mens!

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