Little Bag Addict

I’m not exactly sure where started my full on preference for carrying little bags. They’re practical because you can’t carry your life in them, but regardless, being forced to carry very little has trained me to, for want of a better set of words; carry very little.

I remember at school and college when I’d carry giant sized bags that would easily get mistaken for a carry on – and no a chic one either. Back breaking and full of everything, they were my home with straps attached.

When I had a nine to five job, I carried more ‘normal’ sized bags. Not little bags like the Little Lifner shown here, but a couple of sizes up. My job didn’t require carrying anything specific into the office, but I wouldn’t carry a bag as small as what I do now.

Now you’ll be hard pressed to find me go for anything beyond small although I have to say, I’m starting to get interested in the polar opposite seventies hobo bag: The vintage Coach I’ve worn shown on Instagram has fed my interest in switching to that size every now and then.

I’m sure most women fall into either group: into small or into big – there’s no in between. For those into little bags or at least toying with the idea, I linked a few below. I’m hoping to wear them in winter worn cross body over coats with hands stuffed into pockets.

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