cheap thrills

Dress & faux leather waistcoat: Forever 21. Boots: Sam Edelman
I levitated towards a woman at Forever 21 who’s arm was draped with this little number “Where did you get that?” I purred. “Oh it’s over there” she replied.
Being as cheap as chips, I figured the dress was worth the ‘splurge.’
Brits only message: I see me pulling pints with this on, playing the latest bar woman on East Enders.


  1. cody says:

    omg is that a great dress and gorgeous boots you have.
    xx cody

  2. ELLE says:

    Such a hottie. You need to come to London so we can share clothes!!

  3. The style strutter says:

    GORGEOUS pics:)!!! love the dress and how u teamed it with the waistcoat, gives a cool hard edge to it:)!

  4. SnakeCharmer says:

    to me leopard print is kind of hard to pull off, but you really nailed it!

  5. agatiszka says:

    Nice dress!

  6. Nerdic.. says:

    Gorgeous dress!!
    X, fashion-nerdic

  7. K. Julien says:

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  8. K. Julien says:

    you look fabulous from head to toe, those boots are to die for.


  9. Cindy Khor says:

    rock chic cool and sexy embodied together within this outfit. the combination of leather vest with leopard print dress really goes really well together

  10. Marcella says:

    I honestly haven’t seen anyone else pull off leopard print as well as this! Can’t believe that stuff is from F21!

  11. Julie says:

    I love how that dress looks on you, fits you perfectly, and it’s so HOT!!! And paired, with the Sam Edelman boots……amazing look!!!

  12. Nini's Style says:

    You’re rocking this dress Karen!!!

  13. towardstyle says:

    amazing photos. i esp like the second one. you look beautiful!

  14. WendyB says:

    I’m a huge leopard print fan. Love the dress!

  15. Studded Hearts says:

    You look smoking HOT! That leopard print looks fabulous on you.


  16. Annabel says:

    i heart leopard print more than anything 🙂 are those boots easy to walk in? i have a pair coming my way; can’t waaait

  17. projectrika says:

    OHMYGOD! That dress is friggin gorgeous! i totally love this! you look great! loveett.

  18. Fajr | Stylish Thought says:

    ROAR!!! You are werking that dress and shoes!!! F21 is the best for of-the-moment finds! You were it well gal!

  19. Lumilla says:

    omg what a perfect dress !

  20. Anniken Cecilie says:

    OH MY GOD, I loooove your blog! Why haven’t I been here before? Your pictures, outfits and words are so inspiring! Check out mine as well! I will certainly add you in my favorites!

  21. daria says:

    completely amazing

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yea this is hot shit…**sigh**daydreaming of jacking your style on the street…

  23. nikky says:

    you continually rock those shoes so well…!

  24. Anonymous says:

    i have to ask, what do you do that you can wear edgy outfits like this to work?

  25. Karen says:

    Anabel – actually they aren’t that bad. I wouldn’t work blocks and blocks and blocks in them but they definitely are more walkable than I feared.

    WorkitBerk – you’d probably know it was F21 upon closer inspection lol!! but for me, it satisfies the fix of a strapless animal print until something more well made comes along (if ever!).

    Elle – See you next month hopefully ; )

    Anon – this was worn on the weekend. Not at work. I have a casual dress code.

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Its a cheap way to get a piece of something a bit fun and sexy.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Brit here! its very Pat Butcher esque, love it!


  27. Karen says:

    Rebecca!! yes yes!! I’m just missing the chandelier earrings!!