Tank: Random NY store. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Boots: Top shop
You may remember me posting here about the ear cuff at the Rad by Rad Hourani show.
The fab Amor Jewellery sent me this one that I friggin love. I saw some other edgy pieces here as well. (I reeeeally like some of the body pieces). The cuff is on Etsy in two metal colours. I could have had a go at making my own, but couldn’t fiddle with the chains enough to feel comfortable and (God forbid) it unravel while walking the streets (which I could easily see happening knowing my luck).
I see me using this piece alot during New York Fashion Week.
I wore this during the week. The jeans I got a while back from Urban Outfitters and slashed up.


  1. Blue is in Fashion says:

    One of your cool outfits is featured on my blog today (in case you want to check it out…) 🙂
    I think more will follow in future, love your style, ciao from Italy!

  2. agatiszka says:

    Wow, this earing suits you so much!

  3. Nerdic.. says:

    Awesome! Great booties and I love the earpiece!

  4. Inga says:

    First thing that I noticed was that you are not wearing your usual make up on these pics 🙂 And I love it, it looks tidy and accurate! Dark eyes are cool too, but it’s good you went for another look, make up is also fun to play with, not only clothes!

  5. LAYNE says:

    I love the whole ensemble. So happy to hear that the jeans are from Urban..I live a block away from one 🙂


  6. erika says:

    love both bracelets!!!! where did u get em??

  7. Neekoh says:

    Love it! It suits you so well, too.

  8. Jenny Cindy says:

    This outfit is absolutely perfect. You look so gorgeous with your hair like that <3
    this outfit is so simple but all the great deatils make it really special and edgy – love it!

  9. Maya says:

    I usually hate ripped up jeans but you make them look really good. the super dangly earrings are really cool.

  10. Iris says:

    You look amazing! The hair really suits you!

  11. Antonia says:

    Great look, head to toe, especially love the boots! 🙂

  12. pea says:

    I love those boots and the hair pulled back looks great!

  13. Grace says:

    You have some much panache lady. I hope you don’t mind, I am featuring as you as my blogger of the week!

    Love Grace.

  14. caylee says:

    so freaking badass. could those boots look any better with those jeans? i think not!

  15. MizzJ says:

    This outfit has such effortless attitude! Those boots are fierce!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi, amazing legs, i have to say!! Be happy, there where i live, is so cold. I live in Finland, there are now 14 celsius… its morning.

    I love your white bikinis, from Victoria’s Secret. Especially pants! You have many awesome shoes. Where do you live? In America? L.A?

  17. Vanessa says:

    LOVE this outfit! Especially the jeans… and the boots!

  18. sexyinthecity says:

    You looks sexy!!
    love the outfit, and the boots are amazing!

    Have a nice weekend!!

  19. gabriela says:

    man, what amazing blog…
    really I’m brazilian girl and I’m in love with blog, your clothes, your style. I mean do u really go out wearing these, because here if u wear something different people look at like u were an alien.
    whtver, I just want a TOPSHOP and a H&M store here just to buy those amazing clothes.thats it, success for u and ur blog.!!!

  20. Dominika says:

    great, great, great outfit! ^^

  21. Karen says:

    Thanks guys!!! I LOVE the ear cuff. Its very light too which is a good thing.

    Erika – the black studded one is from Trash and Vauderville. The other beaded wood cuff is from an African store.

    Anon – in the big apple now : ) A transplant from London.

    Grace – Wow thank you!! I just saw it..!!!

    Blue is in Fashion – thank you!! I LOVE zebra print. So mod.

  22. tinklestar says:

    i LOVE that ear cuff! been eyeing for it awhile now but just haven’t bitten the bullet. i think it’s time for it to come home to me now =)

  23. Diana says:

    Fab as always Karen!

  24. Rae- Sea of Style says:

    Love the whole outfit. I like you hair pulled up that way too.

  25. Jaxon and Julia's Mommy says:

    Can I borrow your super long legs and ankle boots? 🙂 luv the style!

  26. Derrar says:

    I love the pants! 😀

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