rachel roy s/s 2010

Dress: Rachel Roy. Shoes: ACNE. Wallet: Balenciaga.
After checking out the Thuy show at Bryant Park and just missing the Rebecca Taylor show by minutes (due to organizers over booking – grrrrr), I headed across town to the Rachel Roy show, changing outfits along the way. You should have seen me in the back of the mini. I was all arms and legs while the boyfriend lead footed it through Manhattan. I know I must have given drivers an eye full.
I was literally fixing my hair as I stepped out of the car.
The show was fab. Very classic pieces but each given a twist to modernize. LOVED the soft skinny trouser suits and deconstructed blazer references throughout (see the above grey skirt which looks like a jacket slashed in half). I can see that being removed and wearing that gorge grey sequin number alone as a mini.
The above all white suit (very Bianca Jagger) and one long sleeved dress were my two favourites. Two rocker pieces that will never date.
I headed home to rest up and watch the VMA music awards (anyone catch the Kanye thing? wtf?)


  1. Sylvia says:

    LOVE the outfit, the color of the dress is so pretty on you! the boots speaks for itself.

  2. Patricia Ann says:

    I saw the Kanye thing. Feels so bad for Swift. :/ But I wish she had said something before MTV ended up cutting it off. :/

  3. myedit says:

    Great dress and obviously, awesome shoes as well! And way to change in a mini, that takes skills…

  4. Cari (Is Not Fashion) says:

    Gorgeous!!!! What bracelets are you wearing? That was terrible of Kayne! I’m glad Beyonce had some class and fixed it!

  5. beckyxoxo says:

    great pics ! and i love your dress 😀

  6. caylee says:

    all of RR’s looks are gorgeous. and you look amazing as well! kudos for getting ready in the back of the car, lol.

    sounds like you are having an amazing time during fashion week! =)

  7. Ola says:

    I am borning once again but what can I do – you always have great dresses!:)First 3 pictures breathtaking clothes – the type of classic I would die for

  8. Posh says:

    You look gorgeous Karen, picture perfect!

  9. KLEE says:

    nice dress !
    and he was damn freaking rude, feel so bad for taylor, she must have been really happy and in an instance damn kanye got to crush her. wth


  10. Jacquie says:

    you look great – lol at the changing thing.. hahaa! and that show looks lovely!

    what happened? what’s “the kanye thing”?


  11. thischicksgotstyle says:

    Great look you’re wearing 😀
    So chique!!
    And the designs are pretty as well, feminine but not too soft..

  12. Lluviaschick says:

    the collection is a little bit of a copycat of Altazurra’s last season, isnt it? a bit dissapointing

  13. Styleetbidous says:

    The all white suit is fabulous… And your dress too!!! ;O)

  14. Pennerad says:

    wow, this is amazing. love the dress. having serious activity-envy right about now.

  15. Antonia says:

    I totally love your dress, love the pockets!! Your hair is like a fashion accessory-I love how you have a totally different look all the time just by changing the style!

    Kanye-ugh….what a jerk! Beyonce has so much class and she made him look even worse by allowing Taylor to have her moment when it was supposed to be Beyonce’s. Big thumbs up to her!

  16. Lady Bug says:

    You got changed in the Kitt Kar (from Knight Rider) Believe me, this car is fully loaded! Did you do it with the windows open, legs hangin out? I love it! (and that dress was made for you xx)

  17. Dina's Days says:

    That dress is so pretty. I too love the white suit. It’s pure class, something Kanye is lacking.

  18. Neekoh says:

    Meshhhhh! That’s my favorite piece from RR.
    And your dress is too awesome!

  19. That It Girl says:

    I love love love all of the pieces from RR… and your RR dress is gorgeous!

  20. -h says:

    that white and purple suit, really liking those pieces.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You look fab!

  22. Posh says:

    Perfect again, really love the combination of the shoes with the little black dress! <3

  23. Fashion Obsessed says:


  24. Laura E. says:

    Im so looking FW to get those. They drive me nuu-uu-uts!
    You look great!

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