socks with heels

Coat: Topshop. Dress: American Apparel. Boots: Zara. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Fedora: Trash & Vauderville.
God. I’ve been meaning to get this post up but never got round to it.
The bloody boots from Zara!!!!! I’ve been ummming and ahhing over these for over a month. I tried them on back then and dismissed them, then I went back last week to mosey around and there they were. Only two pairs left and one in my size. I took it as a sign.
I tried them on and that was it. Done. They feel like socks with a heel and lug platform attached. They are that comfy. (A customer at Zara was buying her SECOND pair as a back up).
The dress is American Apparel here.
The tulip skirt coat is a purchase from Topshop years ago.
ps. Bought thigh high boots today (literally stops at the thigh). Let’s see how I get on with those. Post to follow…


  1. caylee says:

    oh you are teasing me with these boots, especially now that you mention they are so comfortable.
    damn you zara for not having them when i visited you!
    searching eBay for them now…

  2. deep_in_vogue says:

    You look absolutely stunning, love! As usual :o)

  3. Goodle. says:

    I love sailor looking dresses so much!
    Great coat love its colour! : )

    Goodle x

  4. TheGlamorousEccentric says:


    first time at your blog and i have to say your photos are divine!

    i love the classic approach you’ve used here. the red well tailored jacket, the stripes, the immaculate fedora….all beautiful.

    i will make sure to check back! excited to have found your site.

  5. Frickys says:

    Oh, those boots again… I am so trying to get my hands on them too but there is no Zara near me and I don’t want to risk with the size 🙁
    How much are they?

  6. macky says:

    amazing look! so chic! the party rocker detective if you may. and those shoes are stunning on you!

  7. Henna says:

    pure perfection!

  8. KLEE says:

    love your red coat! and your boots look really nice, i was squinting at it in the first pic as i thought you literally meant wearing socks with heels, lol, my bad.

  9. goldenmeans says:

    that coat is just gorgeous 🙂 i have uh, only 4 red coats in my possession already, but i now covet yours too! it’s great paired with your stripey dress 🙂

  10. Lainey says:

    I am majorly loving this outfit! Anytime I see black, white and red put together seamlesssly, I gush. You look amazing!

  11. agatiszka says:

    I love your outfit, soo simple and soo great!!

  12. Annabel says:

    i love the peacoat darling!

  13. Phyllis says:

    i love the stripes + red, very classy. excited to see how you’ll wear the boots!!

  14. kirstyb says:

    loving that striped dress x

  15. PUNKIE says:

    wow! I love stripes, studs and this boots! so I’m in love… totally!

  16. Betty says:

    i like your dress!!

  17. Oly says:

    loving your boots!!!

  18. vicen says:

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  19. Monika P. says:

    Wow, absolutely love it! Especially the red Coat.

  20. Fashion By He says:

    awesome blog, love your style

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  21. Malu says:

    Awesome booties!
    I lalalalaloooove your style:D


  22. LAYNE says:

    so so so pretty! I love the horizontal stripes. and of course the hat.


  23. iluwfashion says:

    I love the red coat. Very classy.

  24. Diana says:

    i love the whole outfit!

  25. Styleetbidous says:

    So nice! Love the dress, wow! And this coat, with that color, fantastic!!!

  26. Mara says:

    you are such a beautiful girl! I love that coat!

  27. Suzanne says:

    amazing boots!

  28. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Lovely coat and I love your boots, First time on your blog very nice!

  29. Dylana says:

    Amazing coat! Wonderful color and shape!

  30. Elizabeth Victoria C says:

    been looking for those boots in every zara but i can’t find them, so jealous! love the fedora as well xx

  31. Fashionista says:

    wow…great combination of stripe and red!!! You look lovely!!!

  32. B a la Moda says:

    Great look. What like the most is how you combine the stripes with red! Amazing!

    B* a la Moda

  33. b.entrance says:

    Very nice outfit! Sounds cold in NYC already, take care! x