hudson virgin

Blazer: H&M. Jeans: Hudson. Boots: Dr Marten. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded). Shades: Thrifted. Tank: Present (gift)
These charcoal skinnies were sent from Hudson and considering I’ve never worn the brand before, they’re actually not too bad. They’ve got that starting-to-fade wash, plus they don’t do that ANNOYING gape at the back of my waist. These curve in and hug.
I look forward to seeing these age. Thanks Hudson 😉
The head trip tank is a present from my friend Tay Trong. I’ve posted him wearing them before like here. The person on mine is Joe Piro, a dance instructor. I friggin LOVE the blurred manic face.
Nothing beats watching people’s puzzled expressions from behind shades.


  1. Cindy says:

    i love hudson skinnies and bootcuts. the back pockets are so flattering.
    i think i just bought these. but mine seem grayer.
    you’re so lucky to have gotten them.

  2. KLEE says:

    ooooh, nice jeans!

  3. agatiszka says:


  4. Lali says:

    These pants fit perfectly!:)

  5. Eliana Masgalos says:


  6. joannapple says:

    i must try hudson skinnies if u recommend them so much. great look!

  7. La-Kale Kelly Graham says:

    The Doc’s look great! Never thought I could pull them off though…you have once again inspired me 🙂

  8. PUNKIE says:

    this tank is fab!!!

  9. Posh says:

    So in love with the floral Dr. Martens! <3

  10. Daria says:

    boots are win! and i love the tank, too!

  11. thischicksgotstyle says:

    Great look, and karen, I’m in love with your zara blazer and boots from the previous post!!

  12. Flour says:

    I have the lighter ones. As my first pair of skinny & Hudson jeans, I love them. The charcoal color looks nice!

  13. Moomby says:

    that tee is awesome!

  14. YAIYA says:

    I love this outfit it’s awesome!

  15. joyce says:

    gotta get me some floral docs.

  16. Jahayra says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous and your style so fab!!!!!! I read religiously, don’t always post comments, bc i dont think you want to hear love it everyday, but I really do love all of your styles!

  17. sexyinthecity says:

    you looks gorgeous and the t-shirt is amazing!

  18. Dominika says:

    what a great t-shirt ^^! love the whole outfit <3

  19. All Women Stalker says:

    I want me a pair of those boots! Been looking for months here.


  20. Marie-Louise says:

    those pants do look like they fit like a glove!

  21. Jessica says:

    gotta love free jeans! 😉

  22. Mici says:

    Looove the bag! That is a DIY-thing, right??

  23. Fashion Chalet says:

    Hudson are so flattering I love the ones I own. Waiting for Fall to actually get to wear some more denim! 🙂


  24. Karen says:

    Eliana M – you damn skippy they are!!!!

    Cindy – I love their bootcuts but they are too short on me : ((

    Mici – yes DIY studded.

    F Chalet – then after 6 months we’ll all be saying ‘ack! waiting for Spring’ ; )

    FiercebeautyandFashion – I’ll check it out.

    Moomby – thx. I love it.

    Posh!!! – God. I’m so friggin bad at not doing you know what : -/ Do you have floral Docs? I see you in a pair….

    thx everyone!!!!!

  25. caylee says:

    love the hudsons on you!
    and those awesome floral docs =)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Came across your blog by accident last Friday and immediately fell in love with your style.

    Our styles doesn’t mesh but you’re always well put together and that’s what I admire. My style is like the Diane Von Furstenburg color blocked halter dress you wore this summer. I searched for it online and will not give up until I own one of my very own.

  27. Jennifer Jacobs says:

    Nice boots, ivv got the same 😀

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