express yourself, don’t repress yourself, express yourself, don’t repress yourself

Catsuit, PVC corset, stiletto boots (unseen). Leather neck collar, driving gloves, whip, chains (you get the idea). Sex shops and random costume places.
Halloween 2008. I was the dominatrix and Michael was my gimp. We looked like a pair of British pornstars, it was great! I couldn’t find anything steel wise for his mouth so pulled a sheer stocking over his face with a mask on top (he has the mask off his face here). We looked like something from quebec, but hey, it’s a naughty costume isn’t it? Plus his features re-inflated at the end of the night ; – )
The chain leash I’m holding was attached to his neck collar and I walked him around all night. What you can’t see in this pic is that I’m wearing a jewel plug as a little surprise for Michael for when we got home. I look jaw-droppingly hot in these, without doubt.
I used make up by MAC to ‘paint’ a mask on my face.
All styling inspiration came from Human Nature by Madonna. One of my fave looks ever.
See the video here to see why.

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