I walk into Aldo wearing Fryes…
I walk out wearing zebra print. (My old zebra booties are one size too small).

Hoodie: H&M Men. Shorts: DIY denim. Lace Leggings: Forever 21. Socks: American Apparel. Hat: H&M. Rings: Street vendors. Bag: Thrift + DIY studded. Shades: Ray Ban.

You already know I’m a fan of animal print.
My zebra boots that you’ve seen me in before here, are one size too small so I’m going to list them for sale (size 9).
I literally wore these ones out the door, wrinkly old men’s hoodie and all!


  1. E.Jay says:

    Hey we’re the same shoe size. Luckily for you, you live in such an eclectic environment (and I can tell from your collection) that you have at least a slightly easier time finding amazing shoes in your size. All of my favorite and most unique shoes come from my time in London, NY, or online. Oh, and I sincerely wish we had a Trash & Vaudeville in Mississippi! 🙁 Not freaking likely.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve got those same tights and I’ve been dying to wear them with cut-offs–that’s exactly how I envisioned wearing them. I like the juxtaposition of the pretty zebra print and lace with the hoodie, it’s not matchy-matchy and unexpected. 😉

  3. miss bicyclette says:

    Oooh those are gorgeous Love the cross between a shoe and a bootie. A girl can’t have too much animal print!

  4. Ashley says:

    I fancy your oversized green ring. <3

  5. fashion doll says:

    woaw so cool girl u will appear in the next post of my blog

  6. Jacqueline says:

    I like the lace leggings with the black socks. Nice layering! The booties are a nice contrast to it all.


  7. The style strutter says:

    Love those shoes!! And your studded bag!!


  8. Taylor B. says:

    Love the shoes but I’m undecided on the hint of lace showing.

  9. Dylana says:

    Gorgeous booties! And I love the way you where your thigh high socks!


  10. Dominika says:

    amazing outfit!
    <3 your shoes!!!

  11. foster mom says:

    I love those new zebra boots. Wish I could wear heels like that, but with bad feet I am lucky to wear anything slightly taller then flats for a few hours.

  12. Karen says:

    Ashley – Thank you! I love this ring. I wasn’t wearing it alot lately but I’m bringing it back into rotation I think.

    E Jay – if you are ok with gently used ones, I plan on listing quite a few of mine!! Some have been worn on this blog. Online though is def the source for when your not close to something cool : (

    Foster Mom – Have you tried wedges?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love the studded bag – if you haven’t already, you should do a post on the diy of it!

  14. wingit says:

    Karen, I am totally copying this look! Hope that’s okay! 😀 Love the layering, how original!

  15. Nuage de marshmallows says:

    I really like the boots, do you know where I could buy those?

  16. Nika says:

    love, love love the boots and the lace detailing of your leggings

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