Dress: Rachel Rachel Roy. Shoes: Marni. Necklace: LF. Shades: Ray Ban. Jacket: H&M
I’m going through old pics while watching Jay Leno, and completely forgot to post this slouchy velvet dress I wore during the summer when out for an evening! So being it’s utter crap right now outside, I thought I’d give the weather the finger and post them now.
The dress is from the Rachel Rachel Roy collection, more pics here (click on ‘watch video’ where it was a blast to be involved).
Currently, velvet is mostly shown in form fitting body con shapes like this Topshop number, but it’s nice to have the looser silhouette option. I’ll probably do a post wearing it soon layered over wool tights etc.


  1. Taylor B. says:

    That’s a beautiful dress. I usually don’t like velvet because of the ill shaping, as you stated, but this I could wear.

  2. Rissa. says:

    This is great! Love the browns and blacks together.

    Would you like to exchange links? I’m a recent major fan of your blog, your style is amazing.

  3. FashionJazz says:

    This looks stunning!! Luv ur shoes!!! Have a good weekend! xxx

  4. B a la Moda says:

    The dress is gorgeous and it fits you perfectly!!Love the shoes and jacket. Great combo!
    B* a la Moda

  5. Ola says:

    I love almost all of your dresses and this one is also great!

  6. Julia says:

    Amazing how some certain clothing items work for one person and not for the other! I remember looking at those shoes in one of the boutiques here that past summer and thinking what kind of a girl would be able to pull them off. In all honesty, I thought the shoes were a little ugly. But now I see you wearing them and wow, it’s totally YOU. They look perfectly beautiful to me now, even. Funny how it works, eh? 🙂

  7. YAIYA says:

    very nice, looks cozy

  8. Laura says:


  9. Taylor Sterling says:

    the whole outfit is great, but the shoes….man they are to die for!!

  10. Brad Paige says:

    WOW ok your gorgeous! amazing style write well so im certainly following this blog! i love your take on fashion and i think you have a very unique style! i cant wait for more posts from you and i also think the colors you choose for this look were smart and refreshing

    Here is a link to mine, i have some pretty interesting fashion illustrations and interviews with new up and coming male models! so take a look and if u feel inclined comment

  11. agatiszka says:

    It’s borring when every time I must write the same: You look fabulous!!

  12. Diana says:

    LOL! give the weather the finger. I love that!

  13. sexyinthecity says:

    Wow, beautiful outfit!
    That colour looks amazing on you!

  14. foster mom says:

    Love, love and love the velvet slouchy dress!

  15. Anniken Cecilie says:

    Ah, I love brown! And you look great in it!

  16. Antonia says:

    I was wondering where you were that the sun was shining and you could wear a dress with no coat-lol!! I love that dress from Rachel Roy-it’s gorgeous! And what can I say about the shoes! Luv them! Have a great weekend and deep up the great work Karen!! 🙂

  17. Marie-Louise says:

    im so glad that you posted this outfit- i think its one of my favorite outfits of yours to date!

  18. PUNKIE says:

    this dress look stunning on you! amazing look!

  19. HeatherClark says:

    I have those marni shoes…i LOVE.

  20. Lala/S-R says:

    Good stuff, Karen! Do you mind posting the camera and photoshop you use in the next post?


  21. stephanie says:

    LOVe this outfit! the dress and shoes are completely insatiable together! Great outfit!!


  22. Karen says:

    Lala -the camera is the Nikon D90. Not sure what photoshop version I have :-/

    Julia – that happens to me sometimes too.

    Antonia – thank you girl. It’s lovely having support from pple like you have been following me for a little while now : )) It really means alot.

    Same goes for alot of others here know who you are !!!

    I’m glad I posted this outfit before I completely forgot and it got buried permanently under an avalanche of daily pics.

  23. ssioux says:

    wow! super! love everything about this outfit: the colors, the shapes, the materials, the shoes…thank you for sharing your fab styling tips!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey Karen, great outfit…just curious, what size is the rachel roy dress? it looks a little bit longer than the one on the rachel roy website does. i was just curious to see if you went up a size or something…i like how yours fits waaay better than the models

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