old school stylee

Dress: Vintage. Boots: Mudslide. Jacket: All Saints. Shades: Ray Ban. Bag: Alexander Wang
Did I mention this sequin dress in that *Closet Tour part 1 vid??…. Anyway, I love this dress.
I got it ages ago from Foley and Corinna and I did a comparison post here showing how Topshop had a similar version.
It shouldn’t surprise me really since so much that’s vintage inspires the stores and designers. It’s all recycled.
I wore it with these nondescript wedges which I can (literally) run around in since the wedge height isn’t my typical errr….4+ inches. Speaking of which, I pick up the ACNE’s from the cobblers tomorrow. Fingers crossed people.
*Part 2 vid coming in a few days!

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