unplanned fleece

Jacket: Forever 21. Levi jeans: Thrifted. Boots: BCBG. Crop swing top: modcloth. Shades: Ray Ban. Bag. Thrift DIY studded. Scarf: Love Quote. Necklaces: Vintage
I did one of those random ‘I’m just looking’ visits in Forever 21 and came out with this fleece trim motorcycle jacket.
The best part is that its actually fairly warm. Usually if I’m getting any outerwear from Forever 21, the wind is going to go right through me.
I wore it with my neck scarf, but I’ll definitely take pics with the jacket closed so you can see the standing collar. ps. I just noticed it’s not on the Forever 21 website (at the time of writing this post).
ps. The bottle openers are ridiculously comfortable, although when descending stairs I do take my time ;- )


  1. lisa @ luxe says:

    wow, the jacket looks sooooo good! and the boots – so 2die4!


  2. caylee says:

    yesss, there’s that jacket!
    and it looks so damn good; much more expensive than it really is. gotta love finding the real treasures at f21.
    i noticed that after you posted that picture of it on twitter, that it wasn’t on the website either. and it’s not in my store! =(

  3. Teresa says:

    Ha, I actually picked this jacket up the other day and put it down because I already had too many things. But now I might have to go back and grab it since it looks sooo good. I’ve been pretty impressed with Forever’s “leather” lately.

  4. diana says:

    awww i wish they had the jacket on the website! it’s so cute i want it!

  5. Girl in the loft says:

    those boots are so beautiful on you i love that texture on them!! you look fabulous.

  6. mary says:

    i saw the jacket online a week or two ago and it was in my shopping cart but i guess it sold out. it looks so soft and comfy on you though, i might have to go search in stores! still jealous of those shoes though, lookin good!

  7. Dylana says:

    That jacket is beautiful! I love it so much!


  8. Ola says:

    Those jeans suit you perfectly!

  9. b.entrance says:

    This jacket is stunning!! Love the whole outfit too, the bottle openers are great, but I still wonder if you can normally walk with these 🙂

  10. Maggie says:

    I adore the jacket and the shoes are amazing! Keep it up!

  11. Irina says:

    that jacket is perfect!

  12. Mary Margaret says:

    i posted about that thing two days ago and i dont think i’ve done a post not wearing it since. i’m in love.


    waouhhh soso gorgeous!!! love the shoes and the jacket!!!

  14. Stylish Thought says:

    Those booties are ridiculously delicious!!!

  15. haute.teapot says:

    what a fun jacket. xo.

  16. Dominika says:

    totally amazing outfit,
    and those shoes are to die for! <3

  17. Suzanne says:

    amazing wedges!

  18. Fashion Chalet says:

    the jacket,
    the shoes,
    ..dies!! =)


  19. Lainey says:

    Um…that jacket is from F21?! That’s insane! It looks so expensive and amazingly gorgeous on you. I just have to go pick that up. Hopefully it’ll be at the one I end up going to, because sometimes they all hold different things. But great outfit as always. You always looks so amazing.

  20. Antonia says:

    OMG I can’t freakin’ believe you found that jacket at F21!!!??? It looks uber expensive!! I absolutely love it! I need to shop at F21 more often even though I’m twice that age-lol!! 😉

  21. Fashion Monstre says:

    wow that jacket is really cute for forever21! i hope i find it!!!

  22. Julia says:

    I so love that jacket!!

  23. Le Fashion says:

    loved the jacket when i saw it. some woman was holding it and i was like “where is it?!?”

    i got in brown and black. it is so hard to go in there and not buy something, lol.


  24. Chomy says:

    lol just got this a few days ago …literally picked it up as they were puttin it up for display..got the olive , thinking i shld go back and grab the black one before they are FINITO!!! i am very impressed with ze quality as well…not quite like burra but rather close..hehe

  25. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma says:

    bottle openers – ah. so clever. the espresso jacket’s really a gem.

  26. Diana says:

    nice find on the jacket! u are so good with that! 😉

    lol @ the bottle openers.

  27. Karen says:

    I was a bit suprised when I saw the jacket too. Granted it’s no Michael Kors but bloody ‘ell talk about good enough for the price tag!!

    Caylee – ack…! I wonder if it’s just coming in or if it’s an ‘already been around’ so there’s no more left? Can you check another F21?

    Thanks guys for your comments!!!

    K x

  28. The Queen of Hearts says:

    I absolutely love those BCBG boots. My friend and I are looking at them this very moment on BCBG’s website and drooling. However, we are not loving the $600 price tag. Really BCBG? We’re in the Louboutin price range (and BARELY at that). No gracias! I could swallow $200 for these. Karen, are they made of pony or something because I’m not only trying to reconcile the price but the texture as well. If you were gifted these from BCBG, then high – five to you my dear because they are ‘nanas.

  29. ssioux says:

    beautiful look, I like the modern proportions of the different items that you matched. The jacket seems a shearling jacket by rick owens, great!

  30. Amber says:

    I totally checked out that jacket yesterday but couldn’t tell if it looked “cheap” or not. You make me want to go back and get it!

  31. All Women Stalker says:

    You are skilled. I would not know how to stand, let alone walk in those heels!


  32. Anonymous says:

    that is not the same jacket as the one from forever 21 that someone had posted. the jacket she is pictured wearing is from necessary clothing.

  33. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! says:

    love the new look! OMG …been looking for that F21 jacket. I saw it in a F21 ad then I could not find it on the website!

  34. MissMI6 says:

    NO WAY is that jacket F21, it’s amazing!!! I must see if they still have them, unlikely knowing my luck. But oooh I love it! x

  35. Hippie Frou Frou says:

    That jacket is so fierce-AS well as those boots!

    love your style and blog!


    jess s//

  36. Lisa says:

    Love your site..If you don’t mind me asking what size did you get the jacket in? I want to order it online but don’t know if a small would fit. I’m normally comfortable in an xs. Thanks a lot, I hope you have time to respond. =)

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