chai tea latte with soy

Fur jacket, Men’s Frye boots, Beaded Cardi: Vintage. Winter leggings: American Apparel. Dress: Vintage from Foley & Corinna. Bag: Forever 21. Shades: Ray Ban. Hat: H&M. Gloves: Street vendor. Scarf: (not seen) Vintage/Thrift. Nail Polish: Pixel Pretty by Sally Hansen.
Amazing the stuff you find when you go shopping in your own wardrobe. I fell in love with this ‘Carrie inspired’ 50s dress with full under skirt the moment I tried it on in the vintage section at Foley and Corinna and found it while sorting out my stuff at home.
To keep it year round, I wore it over thermals and a couple of thin layers, including a black polo neck and the old Fryes. The beaded cardi peaking out under the jacket is a recent vintage find (per my twitter messages last week).
ps. This is my fave drink at Starbucks. What’s yours? I don’t like their coffee so I’m pretty limited I think.

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