it’s a preference thing

Blazer: Thrifted. Feather hat: Thrifted. Jeans: Uniqlo. Grey cardigan: Forever 21. Boots: Chloe. Bag: Alexander Wang. Belt: Zara. Shades: Ray Ban
New York is going through a Spring tease. (The gloves came off after these pics were taken).
I wore the men’s blazer. You saw me buying it here.
I really need to use this bag more. I saw a girl with one in the West Village and her’s hung down to her knees (I did you not) and I liked it. God knows how she got the straps to stretch that long. Hung with weighted dumbbells for a few nights? Anything that hits at the hip or lower is my fave height (one reason I carry the black DIY studded so much – long straps).
Do you have a bag style that you prefer too?

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