be stupid

Dress: H&M. Jacket: Zara. Shoes: Balenciaga. Belt: Thrift. Shades: Ray Ban. Bag: LF. Necklace: Patricia Field. Cuff (courtesy of): The Loft

….. because if you can’t have a laugh sometimes then what’s the point?

Dressed up diva stylee with jumbo rollars and shades. Ghetto fab ridiculous. Perfect for having a laugh while food shopping.
I got the idea from the Diesel Be Stupid ad campaign which has images everywhere that cracked me up.

ps. the second video was a clip taken from the Jay Leno show of people with strange talents.

This guy’s brows had me going whaaaaaaaaa? Stupid? Of course it bloody well is!

ps. Need sound for both vids.

Enjoy the weekend, have a laugh and do something to raise an eyebrow 😉

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