always wear rubbers

Dress: Forever21. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded). Black necklace: LF. Silver necklace: Foley & Corinna. Wellies: Rickys. Shades: Ray Ban. Large black and large triple amber rings: New Orleans street vendor (will do a separate post on the rings and the vendor’s jewellery). Nails: Sally Hansen ‘Pixel Pretty’
Here’s the first batch of shots taken at Jazz Fest (this was Sunday).
It rained off and on and I couldn’t give a toss. Fling on a pair of rubber wellies and your good to go.
See you soon for the next lot.
God. I haven’t even unpacked yet….


  1. Lori says:

    that dress is from forever 21? i loveee it! you find the most amazing pieces

  2. Taylor B. says:

    What a mess the weather was but I’m glad you made the most of it.

    Love the shot with the guy in the background with his wet ass! There was probably a lot of that that day.

  3. Ms-gg says:

    that ring is bangin

  4. iamlisaaa says:

    omg that dress is too fuckin hot. lovesss it!

  5. Contempo Ingenue says:

    so cute looks like an amazing time (despite the rain all around). i was drooling over your ring finds all weekend, that orange one is dope

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  6. Dylana Suarez says:

    the dress is beautiful!

  7. elsiee says:


  8. SheWearSheShares says:

    Your height allows you to pull everything off. Wellies with a crochet dress..I would look like a damn fool! So sorry it rained, but you look gorge!

  9. Robyn says:

    You look adorable! Haha, I’m sure you know this, but “rubbers” so doesn’t mean rain boots in American English, so I of course busted a gut laughing when I read the post title. So you know thanks for the safe sex advice. Wrap it up and all that.

    Also, those rings are seriously wicked. I bought a fantastic ring the last time I was in New Orleans, then totally left it at someone’s house. And they never sent it back. Epic fail.

    Hope you had an amazing time!


  10. caylee says:

    practical and stylish; you can do no wrong! that dress is a dream.

  11. Fuji Files says:

    No way that dress is F21! Contemplating moving back to the US just for that store

    xx FujiFiles

  12. Miri says:

    I’m glad you had fun even though the weather was pretty bad! Music Festivals are amazing =)


  13. Li says:

    Love the contrast between the white crochet dress and the black rubber boots! And your nails and rings totally give a pop of color… Gosh, love this outfit!

  14. WildFlower says:

    Yup your always sweet with gummies on! This looks like good fun I can tell by your vibe in the photo’s. You look festival ready with that stunning dress. Beautiful! Hey has that ring guy thats doing your rings got a website?? Would love to know!!!!

  15. karina says:

    great outfit and pictures

  16. pkjb says:

    Gotta love that dress – and those little cropped wellies! ck 🙂 x

  17. Karoline says:

    The dress is so fantastic, I am jealous.

  18. Clara says:

    That crochet dress is amazing. Such a shame we don’t get forever21 in the uk!

  19. Jony says:

    You look great!!

    Omg I love that ring.

  20. le pearl says:

    Looks like it was a fun day! I am going to a festival on Saturday, and this post has got me mega excited for it!