Me: Top: Forever21. Pants: H&M. Shoes: Mocassins. Panama hat: New Orleans. Bag: Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans
Couple of days ago I met New Orleanian Juley from Swanky Heights for a blogger shoot.
More pics with her to follow when I’m back in New York this week.
ps. Have you lot seen the pics I’ve been posting on twitter while here in New Orleans?? I still can’t get over the stone ring guy I met who’s made jewellery for Erykah Badu. His stuff is SIIIIICK! I’m seeing him later on today at Jazz Fest to pick up a second ring he’s adjusting for me.
Will post more twitter pics when I get there later. See you guys online there 😉


  1. Mila says:

    Oh Karen you both look stunning 🙂

  2. afterDRK says:

    Such a cool photo!

  3. Esque. says:

    i love your blog , its quite inspirational .

  4. Alma says:

    WOW!! Wonderful pictures!

  5. buenooo says:

    wow! I`d like to have this photo! amazing!!! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    i love this photo!! that bag!! i will be heading down to new orleans at the end of the month and have never been. please list and advise some shopping places. thank you!!

  7. Camilla says:

    haha, I love this photo!


  8. caylee says:

    i knew there’d be a blogger meet up in nola =)
    those rings you keep posting are SICK! can’t wait to see the ones you bought.

  9. hopelle says:

    as usual, gorgeous picture! you look stunning!
    erykah badu and everything about her is just greatness!

    keep inspiring!

  10. Valentina_s says:

    wowww i love this pics!!!
    i love it so much!!!!!

    love love love


  11. fashionclocked says:

    great photo and look forward to more jewel pics this guy sounds supreme!

    would love you to visit
    fashion clocked

  12. Miss Emma Kitty says:

    Love Your blog ! You are very inspiring !

  13. lauren alexis says:

    Hey Karen!

    I met you and Michael (if I remember correctly) at the Fest on Sunday. I loved your outfit and I hope you got to catch Trombone Shorty and the enjoy the rest of the day without getting too wet! By the way, could you refresh my memory about of the point and shoot camera you were using? I meant to make a note in my iPhone but forgot as soon as I walked away. It was a pleasure to meet you and it was great to know that you are just as fabulous in person as you are in photos.

    Lauren Alexis

  14. "L" says:

    Just hanging around, cool pic.

  15. Morgan-Ashley says:

    I like how this photo looks like this is an everyday hangout. I love it!

  16. Gant Shorts says:

    Great photo! Some impressive balancing going on here

  17. hiyaluv says:

    I have seen your Orleans photos on twitter-looks like you are having the best time eva!!!!!!! I love the jewels across the body look-they look fabulous on you!!!


  18. RAL says:

    Oooh that top reminds me of a Vintage Valentino! Lovely!

  19. Karen says:

    Lauren Alexis – heeeeyyy : ) the little camera is by LEICA. It’s their first compact camera. Has video on it too which is handy. Good to finally meet you.

    Caylee – oh you did did you? ; )

    RAL – really? definitely not the same price bracket.

    thanks everyone. I’ll post pics later on this week.

    K x

  20. Rukhsar says:

    nice blogg! Like it!

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