nola time

DSC_0077 (1)
Breakfast at Camilla’s Grill. No frills diner that serves butter in a jug (center of pic)
Hanging out at our friend’s house. A local artist. (He supplied the art work for MTV’s The Real World, including the next one coming up soon)
Finally made it to New Orleans. Sorry it’s taken so long to post. I’ve been busy enjoying myself.
This must be my 6th time back and it feels like home.
Will post more shots over the weekend.
K x


  1. Cindy says:

    amazing. it must be such a vibrant city.
    i love when you have those places that you visit again and again. it really is like going home, visiting all your fav. spots and just being in that different but still familiar energy. i feel that way with portugal, nyc and banff, alberta. two spots i never get sick off.

  2. caylee says:

    enjoy your weekend and don’t worry about blogging! sometimes you need a break. just remember to post all of your outfits when you get home =)

  3. leflassh. says:

    looks amazing.
    adore your boots. so good. enjoy yourself 🙂

  4. Eva Ana says:

    I’m wearing boots this SS too.

  5. pea says:

    nice! always wanted to visit new orleans but never managed to.. maybe next time i’m in the states…
    and butter in a jar – that’s one good reason :))

    have fun!

  6. CindrellaUnderTheUmbrella says:

    I love the photos and that fedora, im looking for sth similar for a long time:)


  7. Malena says:

    Everything looks nice! 🙂

  8. Tinja says:

    the first pic is lovely, love the dress and your rings!

  9. The Fall says:

    love the rings, and new orleans looks like it has a great atmosphere 🙂

  10. Jenny Cindy says:

    Beautiful pictures – epecially the first one!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  11. Amber says:

    lovely look and pictures!
    x amber

  12. birdandholly says:

    Butter in a jug and skull rings, what more could one person want?!

    Love x

  13. OooKellyNicky says:

    Love the shots of you arond all of the trees and gree. It’s different seeing you outside of the city. Great photographs. I love your boots.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  14. Rich says:

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself in my hometown!

  15. | Tex | Fashion Butter says:

    Gosh, I just love New Orleans. Amazing city with awesome people and yummy food!

  16. Camilla says:

    pretty pictures x


  17. Louise says:

    LOVING the studded bag – especially the shot from behind – it just looks so cool against the stripped dress! Glad you are having a great time xxxxx

    Ps. For some reason only a selection of your photos will load – I’m not sure if this is a problem on my computer, I’d appreciate anyone telling me what I can fix so they all load! Thanks.

  18. le pearl says:

    Love the skull rings <3 totally following x

  19. jane says:

    WOW great pictures, the weather seems to be amazing!! HAve the same dress, a very cool piece of my dressing!

  20. Corie says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog. You’re daring and unique and that’s awesome!

  21. All Women Stalker says:

    I wish I can wear boots like that here. But people will give me looks.

  22. charlie says:

    where are the rings from! u never say! x

  23. Karen says:

    Thx guys for the comments. It’s so good to be back here again.

    Caylee – I know I need to put the laptop away.

    Chin – cool to meet you too ; )

    Corie – aww thank you.

    Jane – I love this dress. So easy.

  24. Margarita's Blog Spot says:

    Where can I get one of those skull rings? Are they expensive?

  25. Caroline, No. says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I’m so jealous I can’t even tell you. Never been to New Orleans but I’d love to visit. I’m watching Treme at the moment and it is making me crave a trip. Enjoy!