Dress: courtesy of Motel Rocks. Boots: Dr. Martens. Snake bite ring: Ebay. White ring: New Orleans boutique
Short dresses with long sleeves. You know it’s a fave style. The black and gold one I’ve worn before a few times including here is like the alter ego version to this cream one.
Thanks Motel Rocks for sending me this. I’ll layer it with black wool tights and boots when it’s winter.
ps. For those who’ve emailed me about my hair. It’s relaxed (chemical straightener). To get it curly, after washing I leave some conditioner in and plait two pigtails which I sleep in over night to air dry. Next morning I un-plait it and it’s like the above (after drying it a bit more by itself).


  1. Sarah Dee says:

    You always look so kick ass hard core! All the time! How do you do it? I love your blog and I love your style and I love your dress p.s. Your hair looks like mine right now =)


  2. Anonymous says:

    what nationality are you? love your hair!

  3. OooKellyNicky says:

    Wow, you look adorable. Love that dress, so rich and creamy and that ring is fab!! Great Docs, I want some so bad!!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  4. ediot says:

    such AN beautiful dress. and i just love your look here!
    hope youve had a wonderful weekend darliN!

    xx ediot

  5. A Stylized Hysteria says:

    You look great! My lust for a pair of Doc’s is renewed!

  6. Amy says:

    Huge fan of Motel AND Docs. Great, fun look! Love your hair in this.

  7. Roya + the Machine says:

    That ring is fantastic. I love your hair, I’ve been thinking of getting mine relaxed so I can wear it in the same style you do.

  8. Maria says:

    love the docs x

  9. Terri says:

    My friend is sending me some combat boots and I can’t wait to get them. I will be wearing mine with dresses as well! Keep up the good work, love your blog.

  10. Saroya Norris says:

    What a great ring collection! Great finds in New Orleans

  11. Lucy says:

    Nice details on the sleeves, it’s definitely a good change from the usual hanging shoulder embellishments that are ever so popular right now.

  12. Danny says:

    let’s get a close-up of that ring

  13. Li says:

    Love the dress and its shoulder detail. Also love your curly hair! (:

  14. Fuji Files says:

    Oh I know! The short dress long sleeves section of my closet keeps growing.

    xx FujiFiles

  15. unstoppablestyle says:

    agreed. long sleeve dresses rule. and i LOVE THE DOCS. omg i have black patent ones, but i want some knee high ones or even the chloe versions that are totally out of my reach. i draw so much inspiration from you. mwah!