the vibe

Dress: Consignment. Rings: Street vendors. Large apple turquoise ring: New Orleans. Black stud cuff: Trash and Vaudeville
When it’s this hot in New York, all I want to wear is anything with maximum ventilation. Long or short. I’m not fussed. I really liked the Pucci 70s print vibe of this dress. The skirt is huge; almost wedding gown like.
This is our kitchen (small enough for one so you can imagine our bickering for elbow space). I’ll post some more shots soon of my casa.


  1. Chanile says:

    That dress is perfection!

  2. barbara says:

    so pucci! i love this
    and the draping looks amazing in these pictures


  3. Taylor B. says:

    Such a beautiful dress, Karen! When you decide to part with it… 🙂

    I like how much light comes into your kitchen. It sort of looks like mine. The stove, micro., sink, window and door are all in the same place. Mine is a bit bigger, though. It has a dishwasher.

  4. Anonymous says:

    do you workout? u have such an amazing figure!

  5. The Original Swedish Blonde! says:

    You’re such a beauty Karen!
    I wonder what kind of wedding gown you’d wear?

    Makes me nostalgic….first thing I pretty much designed was a wedding dress for this woman in the states. “lol” It was such an honor!

  6. Michelle Elaine says:

    i’d love to see more photos of your place! you look so lean in maxis!


  7. Roya says:

    I love all the wood in your house.

    I am not really a maxi dress girl, but I am in love with this one – the print is super cute.

  8. Wini says:

    beatiful dress

  9. Anonymous says:


    I don’t know if anyone has asked you before but can you do a post on your haircare routine please?

  10. bravegrrl says:

    gorgeous dress!


  11. Nita-Karoliina says:

    great pics.

    theres a give away in my blog. check it out!

  12. Tariro says:

    OH GOSH! Thats a gorgeous dress.

  13. Ola says:

    Great dress! You have a real talent tp find such pices!

  14. agatiszka says:

    Your dress is perfect!!

    But the dog lying in doors is sooooo cute and funny. He doesn’t care to be on a photo 🙂

  15. PUNKIE says:

    this dress is pretty awesome! and you dog so cuuuuute!

  16. pkjb says:

    what a lush dress – summer nymph springs to mind! ck 🙂 x

  17. Kel says:

    What a gorgeous outfit, love the print.
    And your jewellery is fab.


  18. Maya says:

    could you be any cooler?

  19. Shamini says:

    i love those pictures of you!
    And you have a cute kitchen! and yes, i can see you dog!! sooo cute!
    huge kisses

  20. Alice says:

    super cute dresses
    super cute kitchen
    super cute pics
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀